Are you in favor of the new building amnesty proposed by Salvini? Take the survey

Are you in favor of the new building amnesty proposed by Salvini? This is the survey that wants to propose to its readers after the announcement by the Minister of Infrastructure of the home-saving plan, a "building peace" to remedy small irregularities and abuses.
Are you in favor of the new building amnesty proposed by Salvini? Have your say! TO ANSWER THE SURVEY YOU MUST CLICK ON THE BOX ABOVE In the midst of the electoral campaign for the European elections in June – for many this timing would not be coincidental -, Matteo Salvini has dusted off one of his strong points: the so-called building peace regarding Italian homes .
At the moment the contours of what would in effect be yet another building amnesty are not well known, with Matteo Salvini saying he is confident of being able to bring the text to the Council of Ministers as soon as possible.
“We are not talking about favors for villas in protected areas or help for crafty people” explained Salvini, then taking Milan as an example where “there are 170 thousand building procedures blocked in the municipality, with citizens blocked”, so “we allow the closure of the practices, you pay what you have to pay so the municipalities also benefit and you go back to being the owner who sells and buys without problems".
The opposition, however, is very critical, even if Salvini wanted to underline that it would not be a "generalized amnesty", but more will be understood when the text of the home-saving plan conceived by the Northern League leader emerges.
The purpose of this survey, which we remind you does not have a scientific value but only indicative as it is not carried out on a sample basis, is to understand what the readers' opinion is regarding this new building amnesty proposed by Minister Salvini.
read also New building amnesty rules 2024, what can be remedied? Salvini's building amnesty: the survey The survey comes at a time when the first rumors are starting to circulate regarding the home-saving plan conceived by Matteo Salvini: despite the lexical artifices, it should be a real amnesty building.
According to the Quotidiano Nazionale, here is what could be remedied with the building peace launched by Salvini.
The objective of the MIT is to be able to 'remedy' the differences of a formal nature, linked to the interpretative uncertainties of the current regulations, the "internal" building differences, concerning individual real estate units, to which the owners have made slight modifications, such as partitions and mezzanines , but also discrepancies that could be remedied at the time the intervention was carried out, but cannot be remedied today due to the "double compliant" regulation, which does not allow obtaining permission or reporting in amnesty for many interventions, dating back over time .
And also to allow changes in the intended use of properties between homogeneous categories.
Everything would start from a study conducted by the National Council of Engineers where it emerged that almost 80% of Italian houses would present small discrepancies or structural irregularities.
For the opposition it would be yet another building amnesty, with Salvini who is having difficulty in the polls in view of the European elections and has thus decided to play the 'punch-the-clean' card regarding the discrepancies and irregularities of Italians' homes.
The minister's proposal was received coldly by Giorgia Meloni "I don't know the law, I'm not able to express an opinion", with Antonio Tajani's position which is similar to that of the prime minister "I absolutely don't know the text and I don't think anyone has ever seen it, we will evaluate it when it is presented." In short, Salvini's home-saving plan still remains to be deciphered, but certainly there would already seem to be heated controversy regarding the possible building amnesty that the government could approve before the European elections.

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