Campi Flegrei

Government’s Plan in Campi Flegrei to Tackle Earthquakes: Incentives for Those Who Choose to Leave

Government’s Response to the Ongoing Seismic Activity in Campi Flegrei

Seismic activity in the Campi Flegrei area has been causing concern, with over 150 earthquakes recorded in recent days, including a 4.4 magnitude quake – the strongest in 40 years.
This has instilled fear among the local population, totaling nearly 85,000 residents within the Campi Flegrei zone alone, with a significantly larger number in surrounding areas, putting around 500,000 people at risk in the red zone and 840,000 in the yellow zone.

Government’s Assessment and Actions

Minister for Civil Protection, Nello Musumeci, emphasized the need for preparedness given the uncertainty of how long the tremors could last or their possible escalation.
Collaborative efforts with local authorities are underway to establish an evacuation plan, ready to be implemented if necessary.

Warnings and Preparedness Measures

Scientist Mario Tozzi has raised concerns over potential magnitudes of up to 5 and the risk of devastating eruptions, considering Campi Flegrei a more dangerous supervolcano than Vesuvius.
Despite this, the government maintains a yellow alert status and is contemplating a dedicated plan for the area.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

The Civil Protection Department has outlined a four-level alert system for Campi Flegrei, with the current status at yellow.
While an evacuation plan is in place, its effectiveness could be compromised by spontaneous vehicular exodus during earthquakes, stressing the importance of keeping roads clear for emergency vehicles.

Financial Allocation and Relocation Considerations

The government looks to allocate funds for public building safety measures but acknowledges the substantial investment required for seismic retrofitting of over 15,000 at-risk houses, estimating around 500 million.
Alternative funding sources are being explored to support residents opting to relocate from Campi Flegrei.

Minister Musumeci underlines the potential support for citizens choosing to leave the area, questioning the government’s role in facilitating such transitions.
Additionally, alongside existing evacuation plans, the government aims to enhance building safety measures and incentivize relocation, with hopes of quelling the seismic swarm and associated risks.

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