Assegno d'inclusione

Can the Inclusion Allowance be used to pay for vacation? Be aware of the limits set by the law.

Is Going on Vacation a Basic Necessity?

Debating whether going on vacation falls under the category of basic necessities can be a never-ending discussion.
Some argue that the benefits of a getaway are so significant that it should be considered a fundamental expense, while others believe that financially struggling families should prioritize other more essential expenses over a vacation.

However, when it comes to the Inclusion Allowance, a financial support provided by the government to families living below the poverty line (provided that they include a minor, someone over 60, a person with disabilities, or someone in a disadvantaged situation under the care of social services), this debate becomes irrelevant.

How the Inclusion Allowance Can Be Spent on Vacation

According to the Ministry of Labour’s website, the holders of the allowance card can use the credited amounts to meet any need, not restricted to basic necessities, except for the specific items and services listed as prohibited purchases.

One of the unrestricted uses of the Inclusion Allowance includes going on vacation.
Cardholders can use the allowance to pay for accommodation, meals, transportation expenses, as well as tickets for entertainment parks, theatrical shows, and concerts.

However, there are limitations to consider.
The card can only be used for purchases at Mastercard-affiliated businesses in Italy, meaning it cannot be used abroad or for online transactions, including travel tickets.

Additionally, the rental of boats and yachts is explicitly forbidden according to the Ministry of Labour’s decree.
So, if you are at the seaside and plan to rent a small boat for a few hours, remember not to use the allowance card for this expense.

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