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Fed Minutes Hint at Possible Further Interest Rate Hikes

Fed Meeting Analysis: Uncertain Future Ahead

The Federal Reserve’s minutes from the May 1st meeting came out more hawkish than expected.
Central bank officials expressed confidence in easing price pressures in the coming months but cast doubts on whether the current interest rate level is high enough to achieve this goal.

Uncertainty looms over the upcoming monetary policy decisions, as well as the future of the US economy.
Although resilience has shielded the global powerhouse from recession or a hard landing so far, there are still clouds on the horizon.
Persistent inflation stickiness and the remote possibility of no rate cuts this year or even a rise in borrowing costs dim the US outlook, with clear repercussions on global markets and financial dynamics.

The Stagflation Warning and Revelations from the Fed Minutes

JPMorgan’s Dimon raised concerns about one of the worst-case scenarios for the US economy, stagflation, where inflation continues to rise while growth slows amidst high unemployment.
The recent Fed minutes unveiled intriguing details.

The latest FOMC minutes revealed that Federal Reserve officials had coalesced around the desire to keep interest rates higher for longer, although many wondered if the policy was restrictive enough to bring inflation back to target levels.
While participants deemed the policy “well-positioned,” several officials pondered tightening further if warranted, hinting at the possibility of another rate hike not being entirely far-fetched, despite Powell ruling it out in a press conference.

Market Impact and Future Scenarios

Market experts like Zaccarelli and Ng highlighted the potential effects of an aggressive Fed on currency and capital markets.
The resolve to maintain higher rates for an extended period could weigh negatively on most Asian currencies, according to Zaccarelli, reinforcing the dollar against the backdrop of other central banks’ dovish stance.

Goldman Sachs’s Solomon anticipates no rate cuts this year in an economy bolstered by robust public spending.
Meanwhile, Dimon pointed to the likelihood of interest rates rising further due to lingering inflationary pressures driven by substantial monetary and fiscal stimulus still in the system.

Market sentiment, as reflected in the FedWatch Tool, indicates expectations of a 25-basis-point cut by September, with the Fed eyeing cumulative three-quarters of a percentage point cuts by 2024 if economic data aligns accordingly.

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