Long weekends and holidays 2024, how to take 24 days of holiday with 5 days off

The long weekends and holidays of 2024 will allow workers to take a total of 24 days of holiday, of which only 5 days of non-consecutive leave.
Those who are willing to be absent from work for a few more days could thus take a month's holiday in 2024, not consecutive but still saving several days of holiday or leave.
Obviously we are targeting employees who do not work on weekends, since for everyone else the possibility of bridging could vary.
Not to mention some particular sectors, first and foremost teachers who will be able to use even fewer days of leave thanks to the closures foreseen in the school calendar.
Here is what days the 2024 holidays will fall on, what are the possibilities for bridging and organizing long weekends with the minimum possible number of permits and holidays.
2024 holiday calendar Here is the 2024 holiday calendar with reference to national holidays, to which we will then need to add the feast of the Patron Saint which varies from city to city but is another red day on the calendar.
New Year's Eve 2024: Monday 1 January; Epiphany 2024: Saturday 6 January; Easter 2024: Sunday 31 March; Easter Monday 2024: Monday 1 April; Liberation Day: Thursday 25 April 2024; Labor Day 2024: Wednesday 1 May; Republic Day: Sunday 2 June 2024; Ferragosto 2024: Thursday (15 August); All Saints' Day 2024: Friday 1 November; Immaculate Conception 2024: Sunday 8 December; Christmas 2024: Wednesday 25 December; Boxing Day 2024: Thursday 26 December.
The so-called semi-holidays are excluded, including December 24th, December 31st and Shrove Tuesday, which are not national holidays as regards the right to be absent from work.
Please remember to check the day of the Patron Saint, for example Sant'Ambrogio (Milan) and Saints Peter and Paul (Rome) will be celebrated on a Saturday, respectively 7 December 2024 and 29 June 2024.
Others will be on weekly days, including some that are very useful for bridging.
They are mentioned on Monday 24 June 2024, in which Turin will celebrate San Giovanni Battista, and Thursday 19 September 2024 for San Gennaro in Naples.
read also Patron Saint's Day, how it is paid on the pay slip How to take 24 days of holiday with 5 days of leave We now come to the most useful way to increase the days of holiday, so as to organize short trips, without exceeding the days of leave and holidays.
New Year's Eve is a Monday, so in this case most workers will be entitled to the long weekend automatically.
The Epiphany will instead be on Saturday, therefore not particularly convenient for those who do not work on weekends (those who do work must check whether they are entitled to increases on their pay slip).
Easter and Easter Monday are fixed on Sunday and Monday, so we already know that they will not be helpful in extending the bridge.
April 25th, however, will be a Thursday, so with just one day off on Friday April 26th it will be possible to take 4 days of vacation for Liberation Day (from Thursday to Sunday).
read also Christmas Eve: is December 24th a working day or a holiday? Labor Day, on the other hand, is Wednesday 1st May, so you need 2 days of leave to take 5 days off from work, regardless of whether Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday.
There is also the possibility of taking all 4 days of leave or holidays, so as to make a 9-day trip.
June 2nd is a Sunday, so for a new long weekend it will be necessary to wait until August 15th 2024.
Since it is a Thursday, with just one day off on Friday the 16th it will be possible to obtain 4 consecutive days of holiday for Ferragosto.
All Saints' Day is a Friday, therefore 3 consecutive days off from work without having to touch holidays or leaves.
Nothing to do for the Immaculate Conception, because December 8, 2024 will be a Sunday.
Christmas and Boxing Day which fall on Wednesdays and Thursdays are particularly useful.
With just one day off on Friday 27 December you get 5 consecutive days.
Also in this case, you could choose to use more than just one day to also stop on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th, or extend the holiday until New Year's Eve 2025 (which will be a Wednesday).
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