2024 receipt lottery, draw calendar and prizes

The receipt lottery never really took off, which is why in January 2023 the Government declared that there would be prizes awarded instantly at the time of payment.
However, the instant lottery never arrived.
However, the 2024 receipt lottery has been confirmed, complete with a draw calendar and renewal of the prizes to be won.
The drawing rules do not change, as do the characteristics of the prizes which remain tax-free and do not constitute income for the winner.
While waiting for the cash registers to be adapted to issue the QRcode printed on the receipt – which allows the winning of the prize to be discovered instantly – here is everything you need to know.
read also Lotteria Italia 2024, all the winning tickets Lottery receipts 2024: how to participate and how much you can win From 1 December 2020 on the website, citizens can register with their tax code to participate in the lottery of receipts.
The consumer will memorize the lottery code he receives from the site and show it to the merchants during the purchase for the opportunity to win prizes, even millions.
The merchant's task is to register the code before issuing the receipt.
Attention: payment must be made strictly with traceable means of payment.
Furthermore, you should know that it is possible to participate even with just one euro spent.
To find out if you are a winner, you can check the 2023 draws directly on the Customs Agency page, where the winning receipts starting from 2021 are indicated.
For new victories, however, the Customs and Monopolies Agency will communicate the winnings via certified e-mail or registered letter with return receipt, with notification of the obligation to go to the local Customs office within 90 days.
Please note: this is about communication, not collection.
Payment of prizes exclusively by bank or postal transfer.
But how much do you win? The premiums for the consumer amount to: n annual premium of 5 million euros; 10 monthly prizes of 100 thousand euros; 15 weekly prizes of 25 thousand euros.
read also Scratch cards, hidden tax with scam to encourage people to play 2024 receipt lottery: draw calendar The draws are weekly, monthly and annual and concern both the buyer and the merchant who issued the receipt.
The weekly draws are held every Thursday, the monthly ones take place every second Thursday of the month, while the annual one is held every year on a date established by the Director of the Customs and Monopolies Agency.
Attention: if the day of the draw coincides with a national holiday, the draw is postponed to the first following working day.
The weekly draws take place every Thursday, the annual one must be communicated, while the monthly draws have an already established calendar for 2024, i.e.
the following.
Thursday 11 January Thursday 8 February Thursday 14 March Thursday 11 April Thursday 9 May Thursday 13 June Thursday 11 July Thursday 8 August Thursday 12 September Thursday 10 October Thursday 14 November Friday 12 December read also Receipt lottery, guide for shopkeepers.
Rules, rewards and obligations for merchants

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