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Paycheck, Christmas gift of up to 15 thousand euros: here's who for

The arrival of Christmas will bring some workers a gift of up to 15 thousand euros, even if the holiday is just a curious coincidence.
The reasons for this "bonus", in fact, are to be found in the contract renewal in the public sector, the first effects of which will be felt in December.
Some public managers will thus be able to receive the outstanding amounts together with the salary increase, reaching an amount between 12 thousand and 15 thousand euros more in December.
A Christmas gift made possible by the definitive renewal of the managers of Ministries, tax agencies and national bodies, which arrived only after long negotiations between Aran and trade union representatives.
However, there are still some contractual areas awaiting the renewal of the national collective agreements, on which the definition of the salaries of the corresponding groups of public workers depends.
Who should expect a Christmas gift on their paycheck? As anticipated, the beneficiaries of this substantial Christmas gift will be public managers and in particular of ministries, tax agencies and national bodies.
School managers, awaiting their contract renewal, are excluded from the list, as are medical and healthcare managers.
Obviously, not even the managers of the local functions sector, who depend on their own Ccnl, will receive the increases mentioned.
The renewal thus concerns approximately 6,200 managers and professionals employed in tax agencies, ministries and public bodies, who will be able to benefit as early as December from the salary increase and the recognition of arrears, for a maximum of 15 thousand euros for the highest hierarchical classification .
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Not far from the Christmas holidays, public managers will be able to find a pleasant surprise on their pay slip, but not everyone is entitled to the same amount.
In particular, first-tier managers are entitled to a salary increase of 334 euros per month, while second-tier managers are expected to receive an increase of 192 euros per month.
In any case, managers will also receive arrears together with the increased salary, on average equal to 10,500 euros.
Together with the advance on the next contractual round – between 1,500 and 2,000 euros based on the hierarchical position – and the thirteenth, the Christmas remuneration of the managers amounts to 12 thousand euros for second-tier managers and 15,000 for first-tier ones.
A large part of this figure is made up of the one-off bonus represented by the recognition of arrears on salary increases.
There is therefore no particular generosity in the contractual renewal – which in any case provides for increases – but rather an accumulation of sums due to the delay in negotiations.
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This is an economic recognition that depends on the evaluation system adopted by the administration, but also on the hierarchical position and the sector of employment.
A sort of award for excellence that reaches very high peaks for tax agencies, for which it represents the largest part of the paycheck.
In this case, in fact, the figures reach up to 16 thousand euros for the second band and up to 24 thousand for the first.
Considerable figures are also expected for the other public managers affected by the contractual renewal, again based on the evaluations received.
Among the useful elements to take into consideration for the evaluations are the administrative responsibilities of the manager, the functions of the office and the competence on the Pnrr.
The more complex jobs, such as those deriving from the national plan, deserve recognition also in economic terms, with increases of up to 30%.
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