Denis Verdini, who he is, what he does today and how much he earned

After his son was placed under house arrest, Denis Verdini also ended up at the center of the investigation into the Anas orders.
The consultancy network and the rich income earned from public tenders announced by Anas would therefore also see Tommaso Verdini's father involved.
In July, searches were carried out in various parts of Italy to reconstruct the system of consultancy and corruption for the state company's contracts.
The investigators also hypothesized the crimes of "auction rigging and illicit influence trafficking".
The Guardia di Finanza writes of "a triangulation with mutual exchanges and advantages" involving both Tommaso Verdini and his father Denis, who allegedly promised advantages in terms of institutional procurement to the companies that turned to them.
According to the investigation, "preferential and privileged relationships with Massimo Bruno, chief corporate affairs officer of Ferrovie dello Stato" then emerged.
The investigation therefore overwhelmed the former politician and entrepreneur who was very close to Silvio Berlusconi and later Matteo Salvini, his daughter's partner, accustomed to being in the crosshairs of investigators.
Convicted twice definitively for bankruptcy in the events of the Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino and the Società Toscana Edizioni, this is who Denis Verdini is, what he did and how much he earned.
read also Who is Francesca Verdini, Matteo Salvini's girlfriend? Photo and biography Who is Denis Verdini: his career in politics and what he does today Born on 8 May 1951 in Fivizzano in Tuscany, Denis Verdini began his career as the owner of butchers, dealing with import-export, while undertaking university studies and he graduated in political science at the Cesare Alfieri Institute in Florence together with Giovanni Spadolini, of whom he would become a trusted man.
He then specialized as a chartered accountant before becoming, in 1991, thanks to a circle of Florentine entrepreneurs, president of the Cassa Rurale e Artigiana di Campi Bisenzio, which later became Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino, a bank in the DC orbit, tripling members and capital, which went from 7 million to over 50 million euros.
Assistant professor of history of economic doctrines at Luiss in Rome between 1996-1997, over the years he became a shareholder of Il Foglio, Il Giornale della Toscana and Metropoli.
However, his commitment to politics originated in the 1980s when he became a neighborhood councilor for the Socialist Party and then became a member of Spadolini's Republican Party in the First Republic.
After the disintegration of the centrist coalition, he then joined Forza Italia and was the supporter of the Nazarene Pact between Berlusconi and the secretary of the PD Matteo Renzi in 2014, only to then distance himself from Forza Italia after the election of Sergio Mattarella in 2015, declaring its intention to support the constitutional reform bill promoted by the Renzi government.
After his political experience, in 2018 Verdini became president of the publishing branch of the Tosinvest Group, owned by his former colleague Antonio Angelucci.
He later became a columnist for the Roman newspaper Il Tempo, and then left Tosinvest due to disagreement with Angelucci's son.
Who is Denis Verdini: what he has done and legal proceedings It is nothing new for Denis Verdini to end up at the center of legal proceedings.
Now a repeat offender, after his definitive convictions for bankruptcy, he is now under investigation with his son Tommaso Verdini in the investigation into the Anas orders.
But there are numerous legal events in which the former parliamentarian was involved.
Among the first we remember his acquittal "because the fact does not exist" for the accusation of sexual violence made against him by a customer of the Cooperative Credit in 2001; but not only.
Again in 2010 he was investigated by the Rome Prosecutor's Office for the investigation into P3, an alleged business committee that allegedly managed public contracts in an illicit manner.
Again in the same year he was investigated on charges of attempted abuse of office together with the entrepreneur Riccardo Fusi regarding the 4 contracts worth 21 million euros awarded for the reconstruction of L'Aquila after the 2008 earthquake, but he was acquitted "because the fact does not exist” after the Chamber had denied authorization to use the wiretaps concerning Verdini.
Two years later he was investigated for the P4 investigation.
But only recently did the two definitive sentences of 6 years 6 months arrive for the collapse of Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino, the bank of which he was president for 20 years, and for which he is serving the sentence under house arrest for health reasons; and on 28 November 2023 he was definitively sentenced to another 5 years and 6 months for fraudulent bankruptcy in the bankruptcy of the Società Toscana di Edizioni which published the Giornale della Toscana, which are added to the previous ones.
But the investigations do not end here and the latest in chronological order is the one which also involved the son, now under house arrest like his father for the case of the Anas shop assistants, manager of a company active in lobbying which deals with consultancy to companies participating in tenders for public works: the interests of the suspects revolved around the awarding of a 180 million euro contract, announced in 2022, How much did Denis Verdini earn Unfortunately there is no real data that attests to the amount of assets earned over the years by Denis Verdini, but we are certainly talking about a huge asset, made up of the salary as a parliamentarian and senator amounting to over 5 thousand euros net per month – only in 2014 with the income as manager of the Credito Operative Fiorentino and the Tuscan Publishing Company.
From the latter alone he allegedly illicitly appropriated as much as 1.3 million euros, but obviously the entire assets clearly exceeds this figure.
All that remains is to wait for further developments in the matter to discover the degree of responsibility of Verdini as godfathers in the Anas orders.
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