Best in Class 2024, the initiative for accountants and professionals in the world of work returns

Four categories and a high-level jury to highlight the essential work carried out by accountants and labor consultants.
This is the project of Best in Class 2024, the initiative now in its third year which has the ultimate aim of promoting and valorising 100 "best in class", among the many excellences of the professional world, rewarding those who have been able to stand out as increasingly fundamental elements alongside the Italian entrepreneurial fabric.
Registration is open until March 4, 2024 and the procedure can be completed exclusively online on the TeamSystem website, in just a few minutes.
Apply and participate: you could be the Best in Class 2024! Best in Class: an award for excellence But what is Best in Class? A unique initiative on the national scene aimed at supporting excellence among professionals in the world of work.
Accountants and labor consultants, therefore, protagonists of a very precious sector but which often remains in the shadows.
In 2024, Best in Class reaches its third edition (discover the 100 selected from the 2022 and 2023 editions here), after the great successes of previous years.
But why is this initiative so important? In addition to prestige, Best in Class aims to highlight quality, giving professionals the role they deserve.
On the other hand, accountants and labor consultants have always been central figures for economic recovery and development, as they act as support and guidance for thousands of companies and workers.
And right now there is a real need.
Suffice it to say that if in 2022, according to the data published by the Confindustria Study Center, the growth of the Italian GDP stood at +3.4% – well above expectations – in 2023 this growth almost stopped, with a prospect that sees just +0.6% (ECB forecasts) in the 2024 forecasts.
An economic and social situation that represents a boost, indeed, a challenge for all professionals, who help companies with tax and accounting obligations and with corporate, bankruptcy and labor law.
The categories of the 2024 edition Euroconference and TeamSystem, with the support of Forbes, did not want to leave anything to chance.
Also for this edition of Best in Class we want to give space to excellence, focusing on merit.
Here, then, the categories of past editions are confirmed for 2024 too, with a very important addition: the "under" category, the one dedicated to the new generations.
Yes, because even in this sector the contribution of young professionals and their natural aptitude for innovation is fundamental for generating stimuli for the entire category.
But, therefore, what are the categories of the initiative? Growth and expertise: dedicated to firms that have grown the most compared to the year of their establishment, in terms of disciplinary areas covered and skills, or that have recorded the greatest growth in terms of increase in their business volume.
Digital innovation: in this category, however, the studios that have interpreted digital innovation in an optimal and complete way, both internally and in collaboration with their clients, will be selected.
Economic value and business development: the firms that have created greater economic value and business development for their clients, accompanying them on their growth path.
Young professionals: finally, we find the newly created category dedicated to new quality talents.
As anticipated, young professionals who have distinguished themselves for their competence and professional career will be selected, with a maximum age of 43 years for ODCEC members and AUDITORS and 45 years for OCDL members.
How to participate: requirements and registration Sign up, as mentioned, it is really simple, intuitive and free.
Simply connect to the Best in Class website and follow the data entry procedure to send your application.
All participating professionals and firms will be evaluated on objective criteria, which in no case concern reputation or references.
To discover all the evaluation criteria, read the complete regulations.
Obviously, there are access requirements to be met in order to participate in the Best in Class 2024, in addition to the established guidelines.
Applications can be submitted exclusively by professionals, associated firms and STPs whose professionals (owners, partners and/or associates) are registered in one of the following registers: National Register of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, Labor Consultants and Statutory Auditors.
Up to a maximum of 4 Professionals can be candidates for each professional firm; the same firms and professionals can be nominated in one or more categories.
All applications must be sent exclusively following the aforementioned electronic procedure, completed in its entirety and sent no later than 4 March 2024.
No extensions are permitted.
After sending, you will receive confirmation of acceptance of the Best in Class application via email.
At the request of the selecting jury, any additions to the documentation sent may be requested.
The selected jury We mentioned the jury.
The quality of an award is found above all in the level of the person awarding, in the case of Best in Class 2024 by the selected jury.
And how can we reward excellence if not with excellence? The 7 competition judges are all established professionals, respected and recognized personalities in the field of accountants and employment consultants.
Further proof of the real authority of the Best in Class winners.
In fact, on the jury we find: Dr.
Maria Grazia Bizzarri, Chief Human Resources Officer Italiaonline; Dr.
Giuseppe Busacca, General Manager Business Unit Professional Solutions TeamSystem; Dr.
Barbara Cavaleri, Executive Vice President Operations and Finance Sky Italia; Dr.
Sandro Cerato, Scientific Director of the Euroconference Tax Studies Center, accountant, auditor and publicist; Dr.
Diana D'Isanto, Senior Professional Sustainability Practice The European House Ambrosetti; Dr.
Francesco Natalini, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Euroconference Work and Social Security Study Centre, Labor Consultant; Dr.
Luigi Scappini, Euroconference Publishing Director, Chartered Accountant and Auditor.
That's all you need to sign up.
You could be one of the 100 Best in Class of the 2024 edition.

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