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Are you considering buying an electric car? Take the survey

Are you considering buying an electric car? This is the survey that wants to propose to its readers given that it is always a highly topical topic, which does not strictly concern the world of motors but which also embraces politics, especially that concerning the choices made in Brussels.
Are you considering buying an electric car? Have your say! TO ANSWER THE SURVEY YOU MUST CLICK ON THE BOX ABOVE In Italy last June the milestone of 200,000 electric cars in circulation was crossed; undoubtedly a step forward even if it is only a small slice compared to the 40 million vehicles in total in the Bel Paese.
The objective is to significantly increase the number of electric cars in Italy, with the hope of reaching 4 million vehicles in circulation on our roads by 2030.
It is no coincidence that the incentives already in place will also be in force in 2024.
ongoing for this year: 3,000 euros for electric cars plus another 2,000 euros in the event that a car below Euro 5 is scrapped.
For hybrid cars, however, there are 2,000 euros plus the same amount in the event of scrapping.
The purpose of this survey, which we remind you does not have a scientific value but only indicative as it is not carried out on a sample basis, is to understand how many of the readers are thinking of buying an electric car.
The survey on electric cars Should I buy an electric car or opt for the classic petrol one? The survey could in some way return to the almost Hamlet-like question that many Italians will have asked themselves recently.
As is known, the European Parliament intends to ban the sale of cars with combustion engines powered by petrol and diesel starting from 2035; despite our government's doubts in this regard, a further slippage of this deadline appears difficult.
In Italy, however, there is no shortage of doubts regarding electric cars: the issue does not only concern performance or reliability, but also the problem of charging given that charging stations are not yet widespread throughout the country.
From 2023 to 2030, the State will provide incentives amounting to 630 million euros every year: 575 million to help citizens purchase an electric car, while 40 million will be used for the installation of charging stations.
Despite this, Italy is in the red in Europe for the spread of electric or hybrid cars: only 8% of the cars registered in 2022 were not petrol-powered, so much so that the incentives for 2023 have not yet run out.

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