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Electric charging station bonus 2024: how the benefit works and how much you are entitled to

Bonus for electric charging stations for cars will also remain in force in 2024.
Let's see how the benefit works, how it can be requested and what the spending limit for the contribution is.
The bonus in question is provided for by the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 4 August 2022 published in the Official Gazette 232 of 4 October 2022.
The Milleproroghe Decree, in article 12, paragraph 2, extended the bonus for 2023 and 2024 possibility of benefiting from the contribution for the purchase of charging columns for electric vehicles, initially scheduled only for 2022.
Let's see in detail what it is, how it works and who is entitled to the new 80% electric column bonus.
80% electric column bonus: what is it The 80% bonus is a contribution for the installation of domestic charging columns and covers a maximum expense of: 1,500 euros per individual 8,000 euros for condominiums.
The amount will come directly from the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise) and you will no longer have to wait for the 10 annual installments to recover the tax deduction, as for the previous measure.
As specified by the decree, 40 million euros have been allocated for this measure, recovered from funds not used for the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid cars.
80% electric column bonus: how it works The directorial decree of 6 December 2023 has provided for the granting and disbursement of the contribution for admitted applications relating to purchases made for the installation of charging columns carried out between 1 January 2023 and 23 November 2023.
The deadlines for submitting applications for interventions carried out by 23 November 2023 closed on 23 November 2023.
In 2024 the charging station bonus remains in force with the same percentage of contribution (80%) and same maximum limit (1,500 euros for private individuals and 8,000 euros for condominium buildings).
80% electricity column bonus: who is entitled to it? The 80% bonus is due to natural persons within the limit of an expense of 1,500 per person.
A figure considered fair by Omar Imberti, coordinator of the E-mobility group of Anie (National Federation of electrotechnical and electronic companies): the cost of a charging station is between 600 and 1,300 euros, to which the installation costs must be added , of around 300-500 euros.
Out of a total expense of 1,500 euros, the actual cost to be incurred is 300 euros.
The bonus is also available to condominiums, for whom the maximum spending limit for installing electric columns in the common areas is raised to 8,000 euros.

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