Assegno d'inclusione

Inclusion allowance paid to everyone this week? It depends on the application date

Will the Inclusion Allowance be paid already this week? Probable, but not certain.
For the payment dates of the inclusion allowance, a service which has replaced the citizen's income since 1 January 2024, reference must be made to what is specified in the INPS message no.
25 this year.
Here we are talking about the date of Friday 26 January but it is worth underlining that it is not certain that the payment will be made for everyone on the same day.
It is probable, in fact, that the delivery of the ADI cards to their beneficiaries – an obviously fundamental step to start using the benefit although today it is not yet completely clear what it can be spent on – may continue and end only in the next week.
Everything depends on the date on which the application was made as well as on the complexity of the same: each situation is different, therefore it is not certain that the investigation of the applications will be completed on the same day and in time to ensure that the payment is made for everyone already this Friday.
read also State of Inclusion Allowance, by when the outcome of the application will arrive and how to check Payment of Inclusion Allowance, what INPS really said As anticipated, with message no.
25 of 2024, INPS has clarified the payment dates of the inclusion allowance.
The first date to circle in red on the calendar is Friday 26 January.
As specified by the Institute, in fact, "from 26 January 2024" payments will be made to those who have submitted an application and signed the Digital Activation Agreement by 7 January 2024.
But be careful, "from", not “on”: this means that the payment will not necessarily have to take place already this Friday, as INPS has reserved the possibility of continuing in the following days.
On the other hand, it is worth specifying that unlike what is provided for Citizenship Income, the decree governing the Inclusion Allowance does not dictate the times within which the INPS must complete the preliminary investigation phase.
It is not certain, therefore, that all the requirements assessment procedures will be completed in time to proceed with the delivery of the card (on which the top-up with the first amount should already be present) this week.
Who will be among the first to receive the Inclusion Allowance Much depends on when the application was submitted: for those who sent it first, as early as December 18th and in the days immediately following, there is a greater chance that the application will be received between today and Wednesday, so as to then receive the SMS from Poste Italiane indicating the date and place of delivery of the Adi card.
Otherwise, those who sent it close to the deadline risk having to wait until next week.
Another factor that could affect the payment date of the inclusion allowance is linked to the complexity of the preliminary investigation phase.
If there are "clear" situations that allow INPS to complete the procedure in a few simple minutes then there should be no delays in payment; otherwise the Institute could take more time to carry out further checks.
In any case, the intention is to complete the card delivery phase by the end of next week.
We would like to remind you that the delivery phase will begin on 15 February for those who have applied for the Inclusion Allowance, while also signing up for the Pad, between 8 and 31 January.
In this case the payment pertains to the January month, while from 27 February 2024 the second top-up is expected both for those who applied by 7 January and for those who waited until the end of the month.
After that the payments should be more regular: as for the Rdc, the crediting of subsequent monthly payments should be made every 27th of the month (holidays and Sundays permitting).

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