Alessandra Todde

Who is Alessandra Todde? Biography and earnings of the president of Sardinia

Who is Alessandra Todde? This is a question that many will be asking themselves now that she has become the president of Sardinia – the first woman in the history of the island – after her victory in the 2024 regional elections.
At the end of a tight head-to-head, Alessandra Todde ultimately passed the center-right candidate Paolo Truzzu by just 3,000 votes, thus also becoming the first regional president of the 5 Star Movement.
Alessandra Todde is also the current vice president of the 5 Star Movement – she is also a member of parliament, a position she will now leave – while in the last legislature she held the role of undersecretary of the Mise during the second Conte government and as deputy minister of Economic Development during of the Draghi government.
During her experience at the Mise she was particularly appreciated so much so that she was able to convince the Democratic Party to support her candidacy for president of the Sardinia Region, with the coalition which in the elections included not only the 5 Stars and the Democratic Party but also Alleanza Rossoverde Sardegna, DemoS , PSI, Democratic Center, Insieme and Fortza Paris.
Despite the division of the centre-left given the presence of former president Renato Soru supported by Action and left-wing civic lists, Alessandra Todde achieved a historic victory in Sardinia by wresting the island from the centre-right.
Let's see the biography of Alessandra Todde, also taking a look at the CV, salary and earnings of this entrepreneur who has now become the new president of Sardinia.
read also Alessandra Todde, Sardinia 2024 regional election program: the proposals of M5s and Pd Alessandra Todde's biography and CV Name: Alessandra Todde Date of birth: 6 February 1969 Place: Nuoro Education: degree in Information Sciences and Computer Science Work : manager and entrepreneur Party: 5 Star Movement Role: deputy, former deputy minister of the Mise now president of Sardinia Curiosity: in December 2018 she was named among the Italian Inspiring Fifty, i.e.
the 50 Italian women considered the most influential in the world of technology I earnings and salary Alessandra Todde is an entrepreneur who in the past founded Energeya, then holding the role of CEO of Olidata between 2018 and 2019.
His farewell coincided with the decision to run among the ranks of the 5 Star Movement in the 2019 European elections, but missed the election.
In the 2022 political elections, Todde was elected deputy and, for this role, she is entitled to a net allowance of 5,000 euros per month plus a daily allowance of 3,503.11 and a reimbursement for mandate expenses of 3,690 euros.
Added to these are 1,200 euros per year in telephone reimbursements and from 3,323.70 up to 3,995.10 euros every three months for transport.
The salary as a deputy should thus be 13,971.35 euros per month, to which an end-of-term allowance will then be added.
As for earnings, in the 2022 tax return which refers to 2021 as the tax period when she was deputy minister of Economic Development, the total income declared by Alessandra Todde was 105,055 euros.
Now that she has become president of Sardinia, Todde will leave her seat in Montecitorio and to lead her Region she should receive a gross annual salary of 12,950 euros.
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