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Can the centre-right still win in Sardinia? Recount, what's happening

Sardinia 2024 regional elections, the center-right still hopes to be able to win with all hopes pointing towards a possible recount, but the road still appears to be very narrow and decidedly uphill.
A week after the vote counting began, there are still no official results of the regional elections in Sardinia; in fact, the counter on the Region's website is stuck at 1,825 sections out of a total of 1,844.
The president in pectore Alessandra Todde – supported by the M5s-Pd-left triad – is currently credited with a total of 331,109 votes against the 328,494 of Paolo Truzzu, the center-right candidate and great favorite on the eve.
Todde thus has a 2,615 vote advantage, but the rumors coming from the sections that are still missing – which in total account for around 25,000 votes – speak of an advantage over Truzzu that is dwindling.
Hence the hypothesis of a recount that could overturn the outcome of the regional elections in Sardinia, a vote that represented the first electoral blow for Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who on Sunday will have a lot of stakes in the regional elections in Abruzzo where Marco Marsilio, outgoing president of Brothers of Italy, he will face Luciano D'Amico supported by the entire wide center-left field.
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“The 'fork', as far as we know, is between 1,450 and 1,600 votes, considering all the sections scrutinized – declared Alessandra Todde, guest of the television program Mezz'Ora in Più -.
A figure far from the 200 I hear people dreaming about." Numbers are very important.
The regional election regulations provide that a recount of the contested sections may be requested if the difference in votes between the first and second most voted candidate is less than 1,000 votes.
If Alessandra Todde's estimates were correct – that is, her final success by around 1,500 votes – then the center-right would not be able to request a recount and the defeat at that point would be definitive.
In the event that the final gap was less than 1,000 votes, then Paolo Truzzu could request not a recount of all the ballots, but only that relating to the contested sections.
The hopes of a "turnaround" in these endless regional elections in Sardinia would consequently appear to be reduced to a minimum, but if it were allowed, the center-right would certainly appear to be ready to ask for a recount in the contested sections.
So Alessandra Todde has no choice but to wait while the center-left now dreams of a double in Abruzzo to also put the government in crisis.

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