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Russia elections 2024: date, candidates and polls. Another victory for Putin?

Russia 2024 presidential elections: the polls will open on 15-17 March in the Federation for the election of the president, with a possible run-off scheduled for Sunday 7 April.
In fact, in Russia the electoral law for presidential elections provides that the president is elected by universal suffrage and remains in office for six years but, in the event that no candidate achieves an absolute majority in the first round, then a run-off will be held between the two most voted a bit as happens in our local elections.
These presidential elections come at a very particular time for Russia, which has been engaged in a war against Ukraine for two years; in view of the logical vote that all attention should be directed towards Vladimir Putin.
In fact, the current president will be on the field for the fifth time in presidential elections: with the exception of the four-year period 2008-2012 where his dolphin Dmitrij Medvedev was stationed in the Kremlin, Putin has de facto governed Russia since 1999.
Despite six challengers for the most prestigious seat in the Kremlin, the polls hypothesize an obvious and clear success for Tsar Vladimir in the 2024 presidential elections.
read also How much does Vladimir Putin earn? Salary and assets of the president of Russia Russia 2024 elections: the candidates In total there will be seven candidates in the Russia 2024 presidential elections.
Vladimir Putin (United Russia) Leonid Slutskyj (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) Vladislav Davankov (New People) Nikolaj Kharitonov (Communist Party ) Sergej Malinkovich (Communists of Russia) Rada Russkikh (independent) Boris Nadezhdin (Civic Platform) The big favorite is Vladimir Putin, the 71-year-old president of the Federation who on March 17th could aim to obtain a third consecutive mandate to remain in office until 2030.
Alex Navalny, Vladimir Putin's main opponent, who has been in prison for some time serving a 19-year prison sentence in a severe penal colony, will not be able to be a candidate in the elections.
Regarding the war with Ukraine, all candidates are in favor of continuing the conflict except Boris Nadezhdin, the aspiring president of Civic Platform.
The polls In the 2018 presidential elections Vladimir Putin was re-elected with 77.5% of the votes.
In 2024, the Kremlin, thanks to the success achieved in the recent regional elections, expects the president to obtain over 80% of the votes.
This would be a clear message that Russia would send to the West, with a victory for Putin that would not be in question regardless, also due to the lack of alternative candidates.
According to the Levada Center, an independent Russian institute, in October Vladimir Putin's approval rating in Russia reached 82%: before the invasion of Ukraine, approval of the president's actions was around 60%.
The polls would consequently all be on Putin's side and, at this point, all that remains is to wait for the official announcement of the president's run for the presidential elections in March 2024.

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