8 upcoming features on Google Maps that you absolutely must know about

Google Maps’ Exciting New Features

Google Maps is set to introduce several new features to enhance user experience.
Some of these are already available in the US market or in beta versions, while others will come as a surprise to all users.
It is essential for the millions of people who use this app to stay updated on these developments, as there are some very useful features in store to improve travel organization and costs optimization through practical tools.
Here are the 8 upcoming features that you absolutely must know about.

1) Electric Vehicle Functions

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, prompting Google Maps to adapt the application to drivers’ needs.
Users can now select their car’s engine type (diesel, petrol, electric, hybrid) from the navigation settings.
This feature has been available since 2022 for some users, allowing them to specify their car type and compatible charging ports.

2) The New Navigation Bar

The updated Google Maps aims to simplify navigation within the app, making it more consistent with other Google products.
The new navigation bar will have fewer buttons, with non-travel related options now included in the “Your” tab.
This cleaner design will display only essential options on the home screen, with access to additional functions from a dedicated button.

3) Colors and Graphics

Among the graphic changes planned for the new Google Maps version is a refresh of colors.
More intense colors with high contrast will be favored to enhance readability.
While some users worry about potential readability issues, such as for color-blind individuals, these updates aim to provide a more visually appealing experience.

4) Weather Forecasts

A new feature on Google Maps will display a summary of the weather forecast for the selected area.
This will help users better plan their travels by providing immediate access to important weather information.

5) Air Quality Information

In addition to weather forecasts, users will be able to view air quality indicators for selected areas on Google Maps.
This additional feature aligns with the app’s goal of raising awareness about environmental pollution, helping users consider this factor during their travels.

6) Place Suggestions

User experience on Google Maps greatly benefits from community contributions, especially in the suggestions section.
The new version will categorize suggestions into lists for easier consultation based on individual needs, including top suggestions, trending places, and hidden gems appreciated by locals.

7) Trip Planning

Places to visit, recommended by the community or chosen personally, can now be efficiently organized into lists.
Users can change the display order, create itineraries, and add information, links, and content to share experiences and recommendations.

8) Artificial Intelligence for Recommendations

Community-shared information will be utilized by artificial intelligence to generate summaries on places of interest with all useful details and to answer questions simply from analyzing a photo, like identifying a monument’s location or a traditional dish’s name and where to try it.

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