Ukraine in the EU: are you in favor? Take the survey

Ukraine in the EU: are you in favor? This is the survey that Money.it wants to propose to its readers after Brussels announced the start of accession negotiations – which will begin in March – for Kiev and Moldova, while Georgia was granted candidate country status.
Ukraine in the EU: are you in favor? Have your say! TO ANSWER THE SURVEY YOU MUST CLICK ON THE BOX ABOVE 14 December 2023 could become a historic date as far as the European Union is concerned: the European Council with 26 votes in favor – Hungary did not take part in the vote and abstained – accepted the recommendation of the Commission giving its green light at the start of the accession negotiations for Ukraine and Moldova.
This means that the actual negotiations will be able to begin in March as recommended last November by Palazzo Berlaymont; the process regarding Ukraine could last for years given that Kiev would still have to implement various reforms to satisfy the EU's requests, even if the biggest issue remains that represented by the war with Russia.
The particular situation of Ukraine, however, could push Brussels to accelerate its accession negotiations, despite the clear opposition of Hungary and the doubts – whispered – of several other countries who fear they could lose important community funding if Kiev were to become part of the European Union.
The purpose of this survey, which we remind you does not have a scientific value but only an indicative one as it was not carried out on a sample basis, is to understand whether Money.it readers are in favor or against Ukraine's entry into the European Union.
Ukraine in the EU: the survey The news of the start of negotiations for Ukraine's entry into the European Union was welcomed in Brussels with general enthusiasm.
For Ursula von der Leyen this decision is a "victory for the EU", with the president of the European Commission then underlining how "over 90% of the reforms were completed on time by Kiev".
“This is a result of significant value for the European Union and for Italy – was the comment of Giorgia Meloni -, achieved as a result of a complex negotiation in which our nation played a leading role in actively support both the Eastern Trio countries and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkan countries”.
With Ukraine committed for almost twenty-two months to stoically defend itself from military aggression by Russia, the start of negotiations for entry into the EU also represents a clear message from Brussels to the Kremlin.
The ongoing war, however, could represent a significant obstacle.
In fact, to enter the EU, Ukraine would first have to not only end the conflict with Russia, but also close any territorial issues with Moscow.
If this were not the case, in fact, according to the Treaties, the EU would be called upon to intervene militarily alongside the new member state.
Expanding the EU to include Ukraine and Moldova would then mean moving the Union's center of gravity further eastwards, not to mention the billions of community funds that would be diverted from other countries, especially towards Kiev.
At the same time, however, Brussels could benefit from the economic benefits relating to the rich pie of the reconstruction of Ukraine.
The pros and cons would almost seem to balance out, with the survey being able to clarify what readers' opinion is on the matter.

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