How to Act when a Stranger Messages You on WhatsApp

How to Recognize a WhatsApp Scam

Scams on WhatsApp are becoming increasingly widespread.
In recent months, there has been a significant rise in messages from strangers on WhatsApp.
For this reason, the editorial team at has put together a guide on what to do when a unfamiliar number messages you on this messaging app that is a part of our daily lives.

Types of WhatsApp Scams

When you receive a message on WhatsApp from an unknown number, it is crucial to be cautious as most of the time it is some form of scam.
There are two main types of scam messages: those that explain everything in a single message, and those that try to establish a relationship, perhaps by starting with a simple “Hello.” If you are being told a story, pause and question if it makes sense, which usually it does not.

For instance, it is nonsensical to be offered a job or money via WhatsApp, which is one of the most common scams these days.
Furthermore, it is unlikely that a family member would message you using a different number asking for money by making up an excuse, such as having lost or broken their phone.

Most Common WhatsApp Scams

If you suspect it is a scam or simply not interested (e.g., someone has the wrong number or is playing a prank), it is better not to engage further.
Avoid interacting with the chat and trust your instincts, as scammers are quite skilled and may be able to deceive you.

If you have doubts, you can try to dissipate them by verifying the information from a different source other than the chat.
If someone claims to be a relative, contact that family member or someone who can reach them to confirm the information.
If you receive a message from a company or your bank, look for the official phone number to verify the information.

When checking information, do not trust the links in the chat.
For example, if you receive a message from the bank stating there is an issue with your account with a link for more information, this link likely contains false information and is likely a phishing attempt.

How to Defend Yourself

If a scammer has just messaged you on WhatsApp, what should you do? Responding to the message is a waste of time and also informs scammers that your phone number is active and ready to receive more scams.
By ignoring it, you will keep it in the chat list, diverting attention from more important conversations.

The best thing you can do is report it to WhatsApp.
You can do this from the chat itself, in the menu ⋮ and More > Report.
It is better to report than simply block, as in the latter case WhatsApp does not receive the information that this phone number is sending you spam.

When reporting a chat to WhatsApp, the last messages are attached to the report, allowing WhatsApp to delete the account if it is deemed to be violating the terms of use.
The more people report a phone number, the more likely WhatsApp will remove it from its servers.

While reporting, also tick the Block box to ensure that, regardless of whether it gets banned from WhatsApp or not, they can no longer write to you.
At this point, you are free to delete the chat or, at the very least, archive it to get it out of the way.

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