GPS substitutions, ministry condemned for the algorithm: are we going back to in-person meetings?

The Ministry of Education and Merit was condemned for GPS substitutes due to the algorithm.
Will we return to in-person meetings? The Court of Milan has issued a sentence following which the ministry of Viale Trastevere will have to compensate a teacher, appellant with Uil Scuola Rua, for a failure to assign an annual substitute salary because it was "skipped" by the algorithm.
Substitutes from provincial rankings for substitutes (Gps) for annual assignments on 30 June or 31 August have been assigned for three years now with a computer procedure, an algorithm, which cross-references the availability of the schools with the preferences expressed by the teachers.
The assignments follow the descending order starting from the highest scores in the ranking.
It has often happened, however, that the algorithm has bypassed teachers with high scores to assign a given substitute to those who were going to fill a lower position in the ranking.
This is what happened to the appellant at the Court of Milan who will have to obtain compensation from Mim.
GPS substitutions, ministry condemned for the algorithm: the sentence The Court of Milan has issued the sentence condemning the Mim to compensation for a bad allocation of substitutions from the GPS.
The appellant teacher with Uil Scuola Rua Lombardia, as the union itself communicates, had appealed for having been skipped by the algorithm that assigns the assignment.
The Court ruled in favor of the teacher who will therefore have to obtain, as expressed by the judge, a substitute assignment with a fixed-term annual contract or until the end of the teaching activities and for full teaching, therefore for 18 hours, in one of the locations available in the the territorial area of Milan, "in compliance with the order of preferences indicated therein, by virtue of the highest score held by the teacher." But the court does not stop there, because the ministry will also have to compensate the teacher for the year of service lost due to the algorithm's error in the previous assignment of substitutes from GPS.
In fact, the teacher is entitled to 12 points for the missed annual assignment, and must be compensated "for all wages accrued and not received following the failure to stipulate the contract; compensation including thirteenth month's salary installments and severance pay." Not only that, Mim will also have to pay 3,500 euros in legal costs.
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For at least three years, in fact, there have been appeals for errors or simply for the functioning of the algorithm which, according to some, is not based on fairness.
Since the algorithm was introduced, many teachers have been asking for the invitations to return in person at the regional school offices, giving up, especially those who have to travel across Italy to take up their duties in schools, the convenience of e-mails and bulletins.
Could the Milan ruling encourage a rethink of the ministry by bringing back the in-person summons for the assignment of substitutions from GPS? The Uil Scuola Rua Lombardia union, which led the teacher's dispute that beat the ministry in Milan, sees the ruling as an opportunity to return to the past.
In fact, Abele Parente, general secretary of the Uil Scuola Rua Lombardia, commented: The appointments of teachers must return in person or we will end up clogging up the court.
If the ministry does not want to return to attendance, accepting the requests that come from various quarters, it can always rethink the system by favoring a "replenishment" of the teachers who are initially skipped.
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