Stop Tari for those who adopt a dog, here's where and under what conditions

Adopt a dog and not pay Tari.
This is the initiative of a municipality in Northern Italy that wants to encourage and encourage animal adoptions.
In fact, deciding to adopt a dog from a shelter is not only a noble action that supports animal rights and restores dignity to an abandoned dog, but it brings with it benefits, and in a municipality in Northern Italy, the benefits double.
If, in fact, adopting a dog brings with it the joy of having a new member become part of your family, on the other hand in a municipality in Piedmont, the owners will be able not to pay the Tari for 5 years.
A more than noble initiative to find a family for stray foundlings who run the risk of spending the years of their lives in a kennel, without knowing the love of a family.
In any case, to ensure the success of the project, the Municipality has set some serious conditions.
Here is where it is possible to adopt a dog and not pay the Tari and what the necessary requirements and conditions are: below is everything you need to know about it.
read also Pet bonus 2023, benefits for dogs, cats and more Stop Tari for those who adopt a dog, here's where and why Residents of Ozegna (Turin), who adopt a dog from the kennels will be able not to pay the waste bill for the next five years.
The initiative was launched by the administration of the mayor Sergio Bartoli, so that the civic building can save on the costs of the kennel, relieving the structure of puppies to look after, giving a family to a foundling with an attached master key to avoid paying the Tari for five years.
A rather advantageous decision, if we consider that the custody of each dog captured in the relevant territory costs the Municipality about 800 euros per year.
Public funds that the Municipality would be able to save if the dogs found a new home.
The system created by the Municipality is quite simple: residents of Ozegna who adopt a dog from an affiliated facility will immediately be entitled to a 100% discount on the Tari for 5 years.
Stop Tari for those who adopt a dog: the requirements and conditions In order to adopt a dog and receive the exemption from the Tari, there are requirements and conditions that the Municipality has imposed, so that no one is tempted to take advantage of the offer just to avoid pay the waste bill.
First of all, in order to adopt a dog, residents of Ozegna must be: adults; up to date with the payment of municipal taxes, able to guarantee the adequate treatment and maintenance of the animal in good conditions in your home; live in an environment suitable for hosting the dog.
The adoption application must be submitted to the Town Hall.
The institution, after having assessed the possession of the requirements, will authorize the adoption of the dog, only after a further suitability check which will be carried out by the structure that looks after the foundling.
In any case, the Municipality is warning the crafty people who think they can exploit an abandoned dog to save on taxes.
In fact, the program includes surprise checks that the civic palace and the local police will carry out on a random basis, precisely to verify the health status of the adopted dogs.
Since Ozegna is a relatively small municipality, it is not excluded that any behavior outside the norm will be noticed by the competent authorities and by the citizens themselves.
Furthermore, anyone who loses, abandons or mistreats adopted dogs will not only lose the Tari exemption but will also face the related criminal consequences.
The hope, however, is always that those who adopt a dog or cat from the shelter will be able to understand that they have in front of them not a toy but an animal to look after, giving it that affection that it has not yet known, read also What are dogs dangerous in Italy, all the bans

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