The great hoax of corporate banking

The Bank of Italy document on the payments system provides interesting, sometimes hidden, insights.
Analyzing the data in the "Home and corporate banking services" section clearly shows how backward the Italian entrepreneurial mentality is.
From 2016 to 2022, "information" services, for consultation only, have decreased over time for both businesses (-22%) and families (-22%) while "device" services, therefore operational, have increased for both businesses (+51%) and families (+47%).
An alarming fact, however, can be identified in the collapse of "Business users of corporate banking services" which in 2022 fell by -43% in one year.
What could have happened that was so alarming, with approximately the same number of companies? The incredible mystery is solved and overcome in the methodological notes: “Services offered to customers electronically, provided both via direct connections and via banking or non-banking networks.
Information services are those which exclusively allow you to receive information on the relationships with the bank (account statement, outcome of the securities presented for collection, etc.).
Phone banking services are included.
The services that allow you to receive information and activate payment transactions electronically are both informative and devices.
Corporate banking services allow a company both to send payment or collection instructions and to receive information relating to the status of accounts with reference to a plurality of banks.
The data for 2012 is affected by corporate reorganisation, merger and incorporation processes which have led to a redefinition of the home banking services offered to families.
From 2022, following a review of the reporting criteria, the data on companies using corporate banking services only considers customers who have used the service at least once in the year." In practice, the total of home and corporate banking services went from 1.32 million in 1997 to 63.69 million in 2022 while the percentage of the "corporate banking" service alone went from 7.43% in 1997 to 2 .31% "effective operational" in 2022.
Italian entrepreneurs like to pay for a service without using it, indeed they prefer a chat with the director or the corporate employee on site to the growing integrated technological trend of "corporate banking".
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