Which foreign languages to study to earn more money

Knowledge of foreign languages is very important for finding work and even when it is not an essential requirement it undoubtedly offers a certain advantage.
Knowing some foreign languages also helps you earn more, being able to access well-paid job positions.
Normally, when we think of the most profitable foreign language on the job market we think of English, which in fact represents the main means of entering international contexts.
However, it is not the only useful language and, according to the data collected by Preply, not even the one that guarantees higher salaries.
Learning a foreign language requires time and effort, so you need to make a careful selection (unless you choose to study it as a hobby).
Here are the results of the study, focused on the Italian labor market and the demand for Italian workers from abroad, so as to understand which language can actually earn more.
The highest paid foreign languages in Italy Foreign language Average annual salary Vietnamese, Indonesian, Estonian, Malay 60,000 euros Korean 56,180 euros Mandarin Chinese 54,000 euros Luxembourgish 53,645 euros Czech 48,857 euros Georgian 48,188 euros Danish 47,250 euros English 44,081 euros Russian 43,935 euros Spa gnolo 39,831 euros Second the Preply study, this is the ranking of foreign languages that lead to higher salaries (at least on average) in Italy.
It is clear that Asian languages excel, confirming the trend of recent years.
One of the reasons is undoubtedly the growing importance of Asian markets, but there is also a second reason, fundamental although obvious.
Knowledge of the English language is in great demand, so much so that over the years it has become a basic requirement in many work fields, so that it is also very easy to find fluent workers.
Asian languages, however, still represent an unexplored front for many Italians.
Furthermore, the areas of application also affect job positions.
The most requested foreign languages in Italy We must not confuse the most paid languages, so to speak, with those most requested in Italy.
In fact, the most requested foreign languages in our country remain the ones we are used to and which are commonly studied at school, with English in first place.
Here is the data from Preply.
English: 86,785 offers; German: 21,350 offers; French: 13,493 offers; Spanish: 10,142 offers; Korean: 6,700 offers; Greek: 1,868 offers; Russian: 1,861 offers; Dutch: 1,740 offers; Arabic: 1,340 offers; Portuguese: 948 offers.
The data refers to vacancies in Italy at the end of 2023.
Which languages to study to earn more It is only by combining this data that you need to choose which languages to study (with reference to application in work).
The most profitable languages are also less sought after and the most sought after are not among the most profitable (except Spanish which appears in both rankings).
The ideal would be to add a more ambitious second language to a basic language, but everything must start from a careful analysis of the profession and the contexts in which it operates.
For example, you need to ask yourself whether you interface with foreign customers, which countries most require the service or which are important suppliers and so on.
The intersection of this analysis with statistics on languages allows you to make a more targeted choice for your professional investments, in order to then be able to earn more.
It goes without saying that the number of languages known is proportional to competitiveness.
The most profitable cities for Italian workers Knowing more than one language is an excellent way to differentiate yourself in the Italian job market, but also to find opportunities abroad.
This is why the study also took into consideration the most profitable cities for workers coming from Italy and those with the greatest job offer.
City Average annual salary Seattle (USA) 84,193 euros Los Angeles (USA) 73,152 euros Alicante (Spain) 72,160 euros Madrid (Spain) 63,946 euros Boston (USA) 61,925 euros New York (USA) 61,006 euros Valencia (Spain) 52,726 euros Melbourne ( UK) 52,415 euros Paris (France) 51,908 euros Sydney (UK) 48,877 euros City with the most offers for Italian workers London (UK): 2,545 offers; New York (USA): 969 offers; Paris (France): 800 offers; Monaco (Principality of Monaco): 337 offers; Orlando (USA): 300 offers; Amsterdam (Holland): 216 offers; Berlin (Germany): 201 offers; Singapore (Singapore): 183 offers; Zurich (Switzerland): 166 offers; Los Angeles (USA); 162 offers.
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