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This stock can rise 40% in 2024. It is oversold (like Tesla)

When a stock is oversold (like Tesla) it means the stock is trading lower than it should be, at the bottom of its most recent price range.
It is not an automatic invitation to purchase, rather a warning signal that could anticipate an interesting profit opportunity.
A massive sell-off in a stock can be triggered by a variety of factors, often driven by investors' overly negative reactions to company news.
A downward revision of earnings forecasts, while having a limited impact on fundamentals, can trigger an irrational sell-off and drag down even solid stocks.
The key to success? Recognize when a stock is nearing the bottom.
Here are two stocks currently showing signs of oversold, but only one has 40% growth potential (according to analysts).
Tesla Tesla has started 2024 quietly and investors and experts are raising many questions about the future of the electric car giant.
After a starring 2023, with shares doubling thanks to successful deliveries and growing profits, the new year brought a decline of 26%.
Current challenges are rooted in recent strategic choices, including lower prices and fears of below-expected EV volume growth.
A significant blow is the loss of the title of the world's leading seller of electric vehicles to a Chinese competitor, BYD.
Analysts, while maintaining a cautiously optimistic attitude with a "hold" rating, observe that the relative strength oscillator (RSI) is at around 23.5, in oversold territory and suggest a possible rise of 14.5%, which it could create the conditions for a trend reversal during 2024.
Tesla is not just a car manufacturer; is an innovator who constantly challenges the status quo in sustainable energy and technology.
Its ability to overcome current challenges and shape the future of mobility and energy will be crucial.
Investors, in addition to evaluating the current situation, will need to consider Tesla's strategic vision and its ability to adapt and innovate.
Baker Hughes Baker Hughes, specialized in energy technology services, looks like an interesting stock with a potential upside of 42% in the next 12 months.
Despite a 15% decline in shares since the beginning of the year, analysts maintain a buy rating.
The recent declaration of a quarterly dividend increase reflects the company's confidence in its ability to grow responsibly.
With an established presence in more than 120 countries, Baker Hughes is also playing a leading role in the clean energy transition.
Recent advances in the hydrogen sector highlight its position as an innovator, offering potential investors an attractive prospect from both a financial and environmental perspective.
With a market capitalization of $28.44 billion and a reasonable P/E ratio of 16.11, Baker Hughes shows a solid financial position.
Its revenue growth of 20% over the last twelve months is testament to its operational strength and consolidated market presence.
In a context where the energy transition is at the center of discussions, Baker Hughes emerges as a key player, highlighting a history of constant dividends for 37 consecutive years.
The prospects of constant profitability and the close collaboration with innovative companies in the sector strengthen the analysts' optimism.
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