This new ETF focused on MakerDao is in the spotlight

The world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets continues to evolve rapidly, and with each new evolution new opportunities emerge for investors.
Recently, a product was launched that offers exposure to the MakerDAO decentralized financial lending market.
The product is now listed on BX Swiss, with a total expense ratio (TER) of 2.5%, not exactly cheap.
But what does MakerDAO represent and why should you be interested in this new ETP? Let's start by exploring the topic.
MakerDAO: A Vision of Innovation MakerDAO is an open-source project included in the Ethereum blockchain and a decentralized autonomous organization founded in 2014.
The key to understanding MakerDAO is its governance token, MKR.
This token is held by people around the world and plays a crucial role in managing the Maker Protocol and the financial risks associated with Dai, MakerDAO's stablecoin.
MakerDAO's governance system is an example of decentralized democracy, where MKR holders can make critical decisions regarding the protocol and the stablecoin.
The weight of the vote is proportional to the amount of MKR a holder owns, meaning that the greater the number of MKR set in the contract, the greater the voter's decision-making power.
This system ensures that decisions are made based on stakeholder involvement and interest.
The Dai Stablecoin: An Anchored Stability In addition to MKR, another key component of the MakerDAO ecosystem is Dai.
Dai is a decentralized, fair, collateral-backed stablecoin whose value is pegged to the US dollar.
This means that 1 Dai should always be worth around 1 US dollar, providing a stability that is often lacking in other highly volatile cryptocurrencies.
Dai's stability is due to the collateral assets that support it, including US Treasuries.
These assets serve as collateral, allowing the value of Dai to remain anchored.
The combination of a strong governance system and a collateral-based stabilization mechanism makes Dai one of the most attractive and widely used stablecoins.
The 21Shares Maker ETP: Exposure to MakerDAO and Dai The 21Shares Maker ETP (AMKR) is the ETP that offers investors the opportunity to gain direct exposure to MakerDAO and Dai.
This ETP is now available on the market, listed on BX Swiss.
AMKR offers a convenient way for investors to participate in this cryptocurrency theme without the need to directly hold and manage MKR and Dai tokens.
With a TER of 2.5%, AMKR is an accessible, if somewhat expensive, option for those looking to diversify their portfolio with MakerDAO-related digital assets.
read also How to choose the Bitcoin ETF to invest in The Future of Decentralized Finance This launch represents a further step towards the future of decentralized finance (DeFi).
MakerDAO is an example of how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the way financial loans and stablecoins are managed.
Its decentralized governance and collateral-based stabilization mechanism represent a breakthrough in the world of traditional finance.
The Dai stablecoin has become a leading choice for users seeking stability and access to a wide range of decentralized financial services.
read also Bitcoin ETFs, on which markets to find them? The Potential of MakerDAO Dai in the DeFi Ecosystem Dai, being a price-stable cryptocurrency, plays a vital role in many decentralized applications.
Its ability to offer value stability in a highly volatile environment such as cryptocurrencies makes it an ideal choice to play different roles within the blockchain ecosystem.
In addition to being used as a medium of exchange, Dai has the potential to be adopted in very different sectors.
Let's see which ones: One of the immediate markets for Dai is its use as working capital, hedging instrument and collateralized financial leverage.
Thanks to Maker Vaults, users can carry out transactions without requiring permissions, using the Dai generated based on the value of the collateral as working capital.
This offers the ability to create leveraged, yet fully secured, financial positions that can be used for investment and hedging purposes.
Furthermore, Dai has the potential to revolutionize cross-border business transactions and payments by significantly reducing transaction costs by mitigating foreign currency volatility and eliminating intermediaries.
This feature makes it attractive to charities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who want to use transparent, distributed accounting technology to improve the transparency of their operations.
In the blockchain gaming industry, Dai has become the preferred currency among developers.
In addition to being a currency, Dai offers the opportunity to create internal economies in games, based on decentralized finance.
The composability of Dai allows game developers to experiment with new economic models and player patterns.
Prediction markets are another area where Dai can play a crucial role.
Since betting involves predicting future events, Dai's stability makes it a preferable option over highly volatile cryptocurrencies.
This makes it suitable for long-term betting, ensuring that bettors do not have to worry about cryptocurrency price fluctuations.
Finally, the expansion of MakerDAO-approved collateral assets and the evolution of oracles play a crucial role in the further growth of the ecosystem.
The approval of new assets by MKR holders increases opportunities for Dai usage, while MakerDAO's trusted oracle infrastructure is critical to ensuring the integrity of decentralized applications.
In conclusion, MakerDAO Dai is proving to be much more than just a stablecoin.
Its versatility and adaptability make it a key component in the evolution of decentralized finance and blockchain applications in general.
With the wide range of usage opportunities described, Dai promises to play a central role in many spheres of the blockchain ecosystem and decentralized finance.
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The reader maintains full freedom in his own investment choices and full responsibility in making them, since he alone knows his risk appetite and his time horizon.
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