Serena Williams

How much do Venus and Serena Williams earn?

The Success Story of Serena and Venus Williams

Sisters Serena and Venus Williams are arguably the most famous tennis players in the world in terms of popularity.
Over the years, they have become champions, winning dozens of Grand Slam tournaments and accumulating a remarkable fortune.

Rising to Success

Their success story was even portrayed in the movie “King Richard,” where actor Will Smith played Richard Williams, the father of the two sisters.
Since their early years, Richard, a tennis enthusiast, devised a plan to make them excel in the world of sports.
At just 4 and a half years old, he handed them tennis rackets.
Through numerous sacrifices and dedication, he guided them to become icons of the tennis world.
Richard openly admitted that his goal was to profit from his daughters’ success.

Legacy and Achievements

While Serena retired from professional tennis in 2022, Venus, officially still active, no longer competes and has dropped to rank 400+.
Throughout their careers, the sisters have won numerous tournaments, earning millions in prize money and securing lucrative sponsorship deals and investments that yield substantial returns.

Earnings and Investments

Serena, the more renowned of the two, held the top spot in women’s tennis for several years before retiring.
With an impressive career boasting 73 titles, including 23 Grand Slam victories, she amassed prize money of $94.6 million.
Although she couldn’t match Margaret Court’s record of 24 Grand Slam titles, Serena sits atop the list of wealthiest female tennis players.

Venus, with 49 career titles, including 7 Grand Slam wins and 5 Olympic medals, ranks seventh among all tennis players in terms of earnings, with a prize money total of $42.4 million.
Apart from their on-court success, the Williams sisters have lucrative sponsorship deals and strategic investments.

For Serena, her net worth extends to various ventures, including the clothing brand S for Serena, start-up investments through Serena Ventures (which has funded over 60 female-led companies), and interests in companies like Velo3D on Wall Street.

Both on and off the court, Serena and Venus Williams continue to make a lasting impact in the world of sports and business, solidifying their status as legends in their own right.

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