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Who was Giovanna Pedretti: from the review of Selvaggia Lucarelli, what happened

Who was Giovanna Pedretti? The story of the review given to the "Le Vignole" pizzeria in Sant'Angelo Lodigiano ended in the worst possible way: the woman owner of the business was found dead in the early afternoon yesterday near the Lambro, with the most credited which at the moment would be that of suicide.
The tragic story concerning Giovanna Pedretti can be defined as emblematic of modern times; in recent days the woman had posted on social media a review of her pizzeria by a customer who complained of having been made to eat "next to gays, I didn't immediately notice why they were composed, and the boy in a wheelchair he ate with difficulty." “Our restaurant is open to everyone and the requirements we ask of our guests are education and respect towards everyone – was the response to the review made by Giovanna Pedretti, posted together with the customer's comment -.
His words of contempt towards guests who do not seem to have bothered you seem to me to be gratuitous and rather unpleasant malice".
The owner thus invited the author of the review to no longer frequent the pizzeria which has always stood out for various solidarity campaigns such as the "suspended pizza", with her post which was then also taken up by Alessandra Locatelli with the minister who he made complements to the woman.
At the same time, several people on social media began to doubt the veracity of the review, hypothesizing that it could be a fake created by the owner herself in an attempt to advertise; the story gained a certain media coverage after the intervention of Selvaggia Lucerelli and a report from Tg3.
The hypothesis now is that Giovanna Pedretti did not withstand the controversy by committing suicide in Lambro, with her death also becoming a political case given the words said about it by the minister Matteo Salvini.
Who was Giovanna Pedretti Giovanni Pedretti was the owner of the pizzeria "Le Vignole" in Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, an establishment she had been managing together with her husband for many years now.
With his death he also leaves behind a daughter.
Originally from Bergamo, Giovanna Pedretti was 59 years old at the time of her death.
“Look, I usually don't reply to reviews – the woman told Ansa after her social post had gone viral – but when I saw these words I thought that the mother of a disabled boy could read them and the Brembana valley which what's in me has overflowed." How Giovanna Pedretti died On the morning of Sunday 14 January, Giovanna Pedretti's husband reported the woman's disappearance; The search began immediately until the body was found on the banks of the Lambro, not far from his home.
According to the first reconstruction, the woman arrived on the banks of the river aboard her Fiat Panda, with her lifeless body which was later found near the Sant'Angelo Lodigiano bridge.
At the moment the most accepted hypothesis is that it was a suicide given that wounds on his wrists were found on his body.
The social affair and the role of Selvaggia Lucarelli Giovanna Pedretti had come into the limelight for her post against a review where a customer complained that he had had to eat near homosexual people and a disabled person in the pizzeria.
Shortly afterwards, one of the first to doubt the veracity of that review was chef Lorenzo Biagiarelli – Selvaggia Lucarelli's partner – who pointed out that "the font of the review, like that of the response, is different from the one used by Google".
TG3 then also covered the story, intercepting the woman who appeared visibly uncomfortable and in difficulty in trying to give answers to the questions posed by the journalist.
Selvaggia Lucarelli thus – again on the web – spoke of "marketing of good feelings", with the journalist who defended herself from the attacks received after the news of Giovanna Pedretti's death was spread.
“I find it interesting – tweeted Selvaggia Lucarelli – that in this sad story there are three protagonists: a) a person who unfortunately thought of inventing a story exploiting gays and disabled people to end up in the newspapers.
b) the newspapers who did not verify the veracity of a screen so false as to be naive and spammed the lady on all the homepages with praise and interviews, giving her enormous and disproportionate popularity in just a few hours.
c) a person who for the sake of truth makes a dry debunking and explains that the story is false.
I find it interesting that unfortunately the person (whom we know nothing about) commits suicide and someone holds c) responsible." Even without mentioning the journalist's name, Matteo Salvini also entered the controversy with a post on

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