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What does the customer risk without a receipt

Customers who make purchases are not always provided with a receipt.
Sometimes, the trader doesn't give it to you and you don't think about asking for it, even if it's just because you forgot due to haste or shyness.
It also happens that you forget the receipt you received directly in the store, lose it or throw it away with the packaging or bag of items.
In short, there are many reasons why customers may not have a receipt and this is why it is essential to know what the law establishes.
Understanding what responsibilities are at stake not only serves to understand what the customer risks without a receipt, but also to ensure that shopkeepers know their duties well.
What the customer without a receipt risks Twenty years ago, the customer without a receipt risked a fine.
In this way, we tried to discourage tax evasion, leading customers to demand a receipt or to alert the financial police to avoid sanctions.
In this way, however, the responsibility for tax evasion fell – albeit in part – also on the innocent customer.
Furthermore, it is not always practical to keep the receipts and it is easy to lose them involuntarily.
Legislative decree no.
69/2003 changed the regulations, eliminating sanctions for customers.
Today, a customer without a receipt risks nothing, regardless of the reason why he doesn't have one.
What to do if the shopkeeper does not issue the receipt The customer without a receipt does not risk sanctions of any kind, therefore he is not even obliged to ask for it or to notify the financial police or the revenue agency of the irregularity.
This means that the complete responsibility for the failure to issue the receipt falls exclusively on the merchant, who cannot share it with customers and justify himself.
On the other hand, it is always possible to report the incorrect behavior of shopkeepers with a signed report (it cannot be anonymous) to the financial police.
Customers can freely choose whether to report or not, without facing any consequences in either case.
Therefore, it is not even mandatory to ask for the receipt at the time of payment, although this does not mean that it is not useful.
In addition to the collective benefit of fighting tax evasion, keeping the receipt is sometimes necessary to prove payment (for example for some tax deductions and to exchange goods).
read also How to get the guarantee without a receipt It must however be remembered that the Revenue Agency and the financial police can carry out checks to verify the issuing of receipts, also requesting information from customers leaving the business with purchases.
Also in this case there are no particular risks for customers, but it is important to respond to Finance requests in a sincere and transparent way.
Otherwise, the crime of false declaration and the initiation of criminal proceedings could be considered.
Collaboration cannot be requested from customers who are minors, elderly, suffering from mental or physical infirmity or generally in a state of discomfort and incapacity, also because they cannot by law provide complete or reliable declarations.
read also What risks those who pay illegally? The consequences for customers who do not demand an invoice The risks of those who do not provide a receipt Since 2003 the customer without a receipt has been free of responsibility, but obviously this does not exempt traders from the duty to comply with tax legislation.
In fact, anyone who does not issue the receipt risks a fine equal to 100% of the tax evaded calculated on the sale price of the goods in question, but in any case not less than 500 euros.
The trader who issues a receipt with a value lower than the actual amount is subject to the same penalty.
In the event that there is an objective problem due to the malfunctioning of the cash register, there are no excuses: maintenance must be requested promptly to avoid risking a fine of between 250 and 2,000 euros.
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