Rivalutazione delle pensioni

Pensions, 4 reasons why the amount increases in December (and by how much)

After the November pension payment, the time has come to shift attention to the one arriving in December which will be higher for at least 4 reasons.
First of all because, as is well known, December is the month of payment of the thirteenth salary, to which for pensioners who satisfy certain conditions the second tranche of the additional sum for the year 2022 is also added, the so-called "fourteenth".
There is also an easier taxation to consider, as the municipal and regional surcharges deducted in previous months do not apply to the December pension.
Added to all this is the news for 2023: as provided for by law decree no.
145 of 18 October last, in fact, the adjustment of the revaluation with a new adjustment of the allowances to the cost of living begins in December (one month early).
Operations that will guarantee a huge check in December, with pensioners who will be able to smile at the arrival of an amount that will guarantee them the right liquidity to face Christmas expenses.
In this regard, we analyze the 4 reasons that will lead to a significant increase in the pension paid in December, as well as what amounts we should expect.
Why the December pension is higher Fiscal aspect The December adjustment Thirteenth bonus on the pension Thirteenth bonus Fiscal aspect As we have seen for the November payslip, the regional and municipal surcharges relating to 2022 are withheld from the pension in the first 11 months of the year.
Just as, from March to November, the withholding for the municipal surcharge is made on account for 2023.
In December, therefore, the surcharges are not due, neither for the last year nor as an advance for the current one.
Just as in November, the possible recovery of Irpef withholdings relating to 2022 resulting from the adjustment at the beginning of the year is interrupted, as are those relating to the adjustment of the last tax return.
Therefore, with the same gross, the December pension already provides a slightly higher net amount.
The December adjustment But what is the adjustment scheduled for December? It must be said that unlike other equalization operations, this one can only result in an increase in the allowance: in fact, on each pension treatment, a recalculation will be carried out considering the definitive revaluation rate ascertained by Istat for 2022 and not the provisional one used by INPS to adjust pensions at the beginning of 2023.
We are talking about a difference of 0.80% (8.1% the definitive rate, 7.3% the provisional rate applied for indexation), which will be applied to pensions following the revaluation percentages introduced with the 2023 Budget Law.
Here it is established that only pensions that do not exceed 4 times the minimum payment (therefore approximately 2,100 euros) can be adjusted to 100% of the rate, while above this threshold they are used increasingly reduced percentages: between 2,101.53 and 2,626.90 euros: 85% of the rate, therefore the increase will be 0.68%; between 2,626.91 and 3,152.28 euros: 53% of the rate, therefore 0.424%; between 3,152.29 and 4,203.04 euros: 47% of the rate, therefore 0.376%; between 4,203.05 and 5,253.80 euros: 37% of the rate, therefore 0.296%; above 5,253.81 euros: 32% of the rate, which therefore drops to 0.256%.
As anticipated, the recalculation is carried out starting from January 2023, so there will not only be the adjustment of the December pension (which will be slightly higher than that paid the previous month), as well as the thirteenth, but also the simultaneous crediting of arrears for 11 months.
In this regard, here is a table that gives us an idea of what the amounts generated by the adjustment may be: Gross monthly pension December 2022 Gross monthly pension January 2023 Gross monthly pension December 2023 Increase between November and December 2023 Gross arrears (11 monthly payments) €1,000 €1,073 €1,081 €8 €88 €1,500 €1,609 €1,621 €12 €132 €2,000 €2,146 €2,162 €16 €176 €2,500 €2,655 €2,672 €17 €187 3.0 €00 €3,116 €3,128 €12 €132 €3,500 €3,620 €3,633 €13 €143 €4,000 €4,137 €4,152 €15 €165 €4,500 €4,621 €4,634 €13 €143 €5,000 €5,135 €5,149 €14 €154 Thirteen th on the pension are then added to the pension balance the usual thirteenth month payments (for everyone) and bonuses (for some).
In this regard, we remind you that the amount of the thirteenth on the pension follows the same rules as that recognized to employees.
It accrues over the course of the year, so the gross amount is equal to 1/12 for each month of effective retirement in the reference year.
Consequently, those who have been retired since at least January 2023 are entitled to the full thirteenth salary, the gross amount of which will effectively be equal to that of the December installment.
It should be remembered, however, that the net amount of the thirteenth salary may be lower than that of the monthly installment, as a more disadvantageous taxation is applied for the pensioner: this is because the Irpef rate foreseen for the last income bracket reached is applied for the entire amount, rather than in a progressive manner as instead happens for the monthly installment.
Thirteenth bonus As anticipated, a further bonus worth 154.94 euros could be recognized on the thirteenth month at the end of the year.
Second tranche of the fourteenth, but known to most as the thirteenth bonus, not subject to annual revaluation, this is an emolument recognized pursuant to paragraph 7 of article 70 of law 388 of 23 December 2020 to holders of one or more pensions at covered by the compulsory general insurance or the replacement, exclusive and exemptive forms thereof, as well as the compulsory pension forms managed by the privatized bodies referred to in Legislative Decree 509/1994.
To be entitled to it, however, an economic requirement must be met: the amount of the gross annual pension, in fact, must not exceed that of the minimum annual payment of the Employee Pension Fund, in 2023 equal to 7,328.62 euros.

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