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State payroll bonuses, payment date is official. That's when the check arrives

There is no longer any doubt: the increase in the contractual holiday allowance received in 2023 which will be enjoyed by the majority of public employees hired on a permanent basis will be paid in the month of December.
This was revealed by rumors collected by Aspmi (Military Professionals Trade Union Association), to which Noipa confirmed that it had managed to complete the procedures in time to increase the contractual holiday allowance as provided for in Article 2 of Legislative Decree no.
145 of 18 October 2023, published in the Official Journal on the same day, thus scheduling the arrival of the one-off check in December.
Next month, also considering the thirteenth month, a huge check is arriving for public employees, with the amounts varying depending on the sector and classification.
What is the public employee paycheck bonus arriving in December Article 2 of the so-called Advances Decree allocates 2 billion euros to increase the contractual holiday allowance received in 2023 by 6.7 times.
In detail, it is that the emolument that is applied to the pay slip in the years in which the public administration contract expires.
Therefore, considering the contract which expired on 1 January 2022, starting from April, public employees received an allowance equal to 0.30% of the standard salary which rose to 0.50% from the following July.
Thanks to the increase provided for by the Advances Decree, the allowance in question for the year 2023 rises to 3.35% and the payment of unpaid arrears takes place in a single solution (in the month of December).
With the next payment, therefore, Noipa will recognize state workers, but only those employed with permanent contracts, the remaining 2.85% calculated on all salaries received during the year, including the thirteenth salary.
How much you are entitled to Since this is a percentage increase, the amount varies depending on the table on which it is applied.
Whoever earns the most, therefore, will receive the largest increase.
For example, in the case of ministries and tax agencies, the indicative amounts are as follows: Role Contractual holiday allowance (not increased) One-off gross increase Manager 1st band 22.27 euros 1,939.71 euros Manager 2nd band 17, 41 euros 1,516.41 euros High official 14.01 euros 1,220.27 euros Medium official 9.71 euros 845.74 euros Employee 7.6 euros 661.96 euros This, however, is a table that summarizes the amount arriving in other sectors: SectionRole Contractual holiday allowance (not increased) One-off gross increase School Head teacher 17.41 euros 1,516.41 euros Secondary school teacher (low seniority) 9.52 euros 829.19 euros Elementary school teacher (low seniority) 8, 79 euros 765.60 euros Ata Collaborator (low seniority) 6.84 euros 595.76 euros Security Police Officer 8.30 euros 699.41 euros Police Inspector 10.00 euros 871 euros Chief Police Commissioner 11.49 euros 1,000 .77 euros Healthcare Doctors 17.41 euros 1,561.41 euros Specialized nurse 12.09 euros 1,053.03 euros Basic operator 7.55 euros 657.60 euros These are gross figures, from which contributions and taxes will therefore need to be removed.
By the way, it is worth underlining that this amount is not relevant for the purposes of determining the right to the 7% or 6% contribution relief: therefore, where the payment of the arrears exceeds the gross threshold of 1,923 euros or 2,692 euros required to enjoy of the aforementioned bonus, there is no problem as you will benefit from it anyway.
When exactly will the bonus arrive At the moment we can only confirm that NoiPa will disburse the aforementioned sums in the month of December, as among other things had been expressly requested by both the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti and from that of the Civil Service Paolo Zangrillo.
We therefore do not know whether Noipa will have time to credit the money at the same time as the December payslip, in payment for the majority of public employees (together with the thirteenth) on Friday 15th, with some exceptions, or if there will be a subsequent extraordinary payslip.

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