Rising Costs of School Cafeterias: How Much Italian Families Spend from North to South

The rising costs of school canteens in Italy

School canteens are becoming increasingly expensive, as highlighted by the survey conducted by Cittadinanzattiva, the organization that has been promoting citizen activism for over forty years to protect rights, common goods, and support vulnerable individuals.

2023/2024 survey: how much do Italian families spend?

According to the 2023/2024 survey, the cost for Italian families for school canteens has increased by 3% compared to the previous school year, with significant regional differences.
On average, Italian families spend 85 euros per month for school meals.
The region with the highest average cost is Basilicata (109 euros per month), while the most affordable is Sardinia (61 euros for kindergarten and 65 euros for primary school).

Regional disparities and most expensive cities

The survey takes into account a family of three (two parents and one child) with an annual gross income of 44,200 euros and a corresponding ISEE of 19,900 euros.
The most expensive cities for school meals in the kindergarten are Torino, Modena, Trapani, Livorno, Potenza, Reggio Emilia, Belluno, Andria, Piacenza, Udine, Savona, Cosenza, and Bergamo.
For primary school, the top cities are Trapani, Livorno, Potenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Belluno, Udine, Andria, Piacenza, and Forlì.

Importance of school canteens and funding disparities

Cittadinanzattiva emphasizes the need to increase the number of school canteens to combat inequalities and educational poverty, advocating for free meals for families in need.
The survey also addresses the disparities in funding allocation, revealing that the South receives only half of the resources allocated for school meals, contrary to the original plan.

Disparities between North and South Italy

Recent data from the Ministry of Education shows that out of the 40,160 state school buildings in Italy, only one out of three is equipped with a school canteen, highlighting a clear gap between the North and the South, with a disadvantage for the Southern regions.

Italian cities with the most affordable school meals

The survey also identifies the least expensive cities for school meals in Italy, ranging from North to South.
For kindergarten, the most affordable cities include Barletta, Cagliari, Ragusa, Enna, Roma, Oristano, L’Aquila, Catania, Latina, and Perugia.
For primary school, the least expensive cities are Barletta, Cagliari, Ragusa, Roma, L’Aquila, Catania, Latina, Perugia, Prato, and Oristano.

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