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Be cautious while driving. Running a red light is prohibited, the fine is steep

Driving Violations Even When the Car Is Stationary

There are many driving behaviors that can lead to high fines for drivers, yet dangerous violations are repeated every day on Italian roads.
Sometimes, motorists knowingly break the rules, often convinced that the chances of being fined or causing accidents are very low.
Other times, however, the violation results from a misunderstanding of the rules that leads to reckless behavior because it is considered harmless.

Especially when the car is stationary, at a red light or a stop sign, many drivers think that they are not required to follow the rules and precautions while driving.
However, parking is also part of road traffic and therefore requires compliance with the relevant regulations.
It is true that some prohibitions are impossible to disobey with the vehicle stopped, undoubtedly there is no speeding violation just to name one, but many other actions are equally punishable.

Driving Without a Seatbelt or Using a Cell Phone

For example, driving without a seatbelt or using a cell phone are violations even when stopped at a traffic light.
This means that there is a risk of receiving a hefty fine, which may not be immediately detected by the authorities, but for example by the detection of specific cameras.
Let’s see in detail what you need to know about this and what to pay attention to.

The current Highway Code unequivocally prohibits the use of a cell phone while driving, and in fact, this prohibition is about to become even more severe due to the reform of the Code, which particularly tightens this violation.
Many, however, forget that parking is also part of traffic, and therefore it is forbidden to use the phone even at a red light.
There is no room for misunderstandings, this principle has been clarified many times by the Court of Cassation, which has also specified on other occasions that this type of violation does not necessarily have to be detected immediately.

In other words, if you used your cell phone in the car while the traffic light was red and no one saw or stopped you, you can’t be completely relaxed.
You could still receive a ticket at home as a result of detection through camera recordings, for example, or by Police who have reported the violation.

Penalties for Using a Cell Phone While Driving

Article 173 of the current Highway Code punishes the use of cell phones or similar devices while driving with a fine ranging from 165 to 660 euros.
In case of recidivism within two years, i.e.
the same violation committed within two years, the additional penalty of license suspension from 1 to 3 months is also applied.

With the new Highway Code, however, the penalty will increase to a range from 250 to 1,000 euros, and the risk of license suspension from 15 days to 2 months already at the first violation.
In case of recidivism, instead, the driver’s license suspension increases to a range from 1 to 3 months, while the fine ranges from 350 to 1,400 euros.
For now, however, the new regulations are not yet in force, and the penalties are as previously described.

It is essential to pay attention, not only to the fact that immediate contestation of the violation is not necessary but also that the same principle applies to all other rules of the Highway Code, for example, concerning the use of seat belts and child car seats, wearing helmets, and the obligation of wearing glasses for those who must comply.
Obviously, the law provides specific exceptions for the Police and Armed Forces, who can derogate some obligations due to the particular security tasks they must perform (but solely for this purpose).

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