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Schools closed due to Halloween cyclone weather warning: here's where and when

Schools closed due to weather warning.
Halloween promises to be not only a scary holiday due to the costumes and themed parties, but also a day and above all a night of shivers: drops in temperatures and heavy rain.
Instability arrives on the Italian peninsula with the Halloween cyclone and for a few days it will divide Italy in two between Central-North and South: between intense rain and sun.
The temperatures will also be opposite, with the South almost everywhere touching 30° and reaching it in Sicily and Sardinia.
Even in the rest of Europe the weather is showing strong changes, with a vortex of low pressure that will descend from Ireland towards Spain and then onto Italy.
Scirocco winds instead predict the arrival of a more intense disturbance.
In Italy the risk of flooding and landslides is high.
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These are Tuscany and Liguria, which will see some school facilities closed on Monday 30 October.
The national criticality bulletin shows for the next few hours, starting from Sunday 29th and until Monday 30th, a yellow alert over most of the north of the peninsula, while the regions of Tuscany, half of Liguria, Veneto, Friuli Venezia are reported in orange Giulia and Lombardy.
The map (fig.
1) also indicates a high hydraulic and hydrogeological risk in the border areas between Emilia-Romagna and Liguria.
The ordinances for the closure of schools, from nurseries to universities, as well as public city parks, cemeteries and the suspension of the market for weeks, were published in: Carrara Montignoso aulla Fivizzano Fosdinovo Pontremoli Villafranca in Lunigiana Livorno La Spezia Zoagli Carasco In the province in Genoa the alert closes schools in: Arenzano, Busalla, Campomorone, Casella, Ceranesi, Cogoleto, Isola del Cantone, Pieve Ligure, Ronco Scrivia, Sant'Olcese, Savignone, Serra Riccò, Valbrevenna, Vobbia.
In the province of La Spezia, the alert closes schools in: Ameglia, Arcola, Bolano, Fosdinovo, Levanto, Maissana, Monterosso, Riccò del Golfo, Sarzana, Santo Stefano di Magra, Sesta Godano, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Zignago.
In the province of Savona, the alert closes schools in: Savona, Albisola Superiore and Albissola Marina, Bergeggi, Celle Ligure, Vado Ligure, Varazze.
Weather alert: forecast for Monday 30 October Halloween is approaching and with the holiday also the cyclone.
For Monday 30 October, intense rain and slightly decreasing temperatures are expected, with a maximum of 20°.
Italy will be divided between North and Central-South, with intense rainfall between Liguria and Lombardy, while milder phenomena elsewhere, absent in Emilia-Romagna.
In the center, intense rain will occur in upper Tuscany and upper Lazio, while elsewhere the sky will be grey, but without rain.
Finally, in the South, few clouds and light rain only in Sardinia in the evening, after a day with temperatures of up to 30°.
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The Municipal Operations Center (COC) of Civil Protection will be active to monitor the hydrometric levels of the Seveso and Lambro rivers and to coordinate any interventions.

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