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Pre-filled VAT 2024: instructions, deadline and news

Provision 11806 of 19 January 2024 of the Revenue Agency extends the experimental period of pre-compiled VAT until operations carried out in 2024.
In addition to this, new online services are made available to taxpayers which allow them to download draft declarations, registers and Lipe.
The press release accompanying the provision of January 19 clarifies that the purpose of the extension of the pre-compiled VAT to 2024 is to enrich the data entered.
The data present in the pre-compiled experimental declaration, as required by article 4, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 127/2015, are based on: electronic invoices; telematic fees; communications of cross-border operations.
The pre-filled VAT form will allow taxpayers obliged to comply with quarterly obligations to view, modify, integrate, print and transmit the declaration and pay the tax when due.
The experimental phase started in 2021 – or rather by the operations carried out starting from 1 January 2022 – is extended throughout 2024 with some innovations contained in provision no.
11806 of the Revenue Agency of 19 January 2024.
Pre-compiled VAT 2024 What is it the pre-compiled VAT 2024 form In addition to the pre-compiled VAT form, what's new in 2024 How the pre-compiled VAT form 2024 works Who does the pre-compiled VAT form 2024 reach What is the pre-compiled VAT form 2024? The possibility of preparing the pre-compiled tax return, which has been foreseen for several years, has also been added pre-filled VAT by all subjects interested in paying the value added tax.
In practice, the pre-compiled VAT form is a document prepared by the Revenue Agency with all the data in its possession coming from electronic invoices, cross-border communications and daily fees transmitted by taxpayers.
The goal is to simplify tax returns, just as happens with the pre-filled form 730 used by employees and pensioners.
The functionality is available in the "Invoices and fees" portal, and also allows you to calculate and pay the tax and possibly send a corrective or supplementary declaration.
Not only that: you can import the pre-compiled data into your management systems, so that you can compare them with those contained in your databases.
It is possible to modify, integrate and send the data reported in the different frames and lines of the declaration, but also to download the prepared declaration to be able to compare it with the data present in your applications.
Furthermore, you can proceed with the payment of VAT by choosing the payment date, the number of installments into which to divide the payment, calculating the total amount to be paid (including any increase and interest) and the details of any installments .
The new service allows, if necessary, to send a corrective declaration or a supplementary declaration.
To view the annual declaration prepared by the Agency, you need to enter the "Invoices and fees" portal with your credentials and access the section dedicated to pre-compiled VAT documents which contains the new "Annual VAT declaration" section.
The annual declaration is added to the other pre-compiled documents for VAT numbers and made available from the second half of 2021, such as the registers and communications of periodic payments (Lipe).
In addition to pre-filled VAT, new for 2024 In addition to pre-filled VAT, as we have mentioned, the online services made available to taxpayers who use it are also increasing, such as the massive download of: draft monthly VAT registers; monthly or quarterly VAT summary statements; draft communications of periodic settlements; draft of the annual VAT return.
The Revenue Agency, in fact, has clarified that both the VAT documents and the online services, in these first years of life of the pre-compiled VAT, are constantly evolving and destined to become richer with the passage of time.
The provision states that the new online service allows for an automatic conversation between IT systems through massive downloads of the data processed and made available in the reserved area of the Agency's website.
The data acquired automatically can be imported by VAT entities and their intermediaries into their management systems or used for comparison with the information available to them.
In the provision, the Revenue Agency also recalls the latest updates for agricultural activities and the new web functions that allow the annotations to be integrated into the registers to determine the correct payment of VAT credit.
The advantage for those who validate or integrate in detail the data proposed in the draft VAT registers is represented by the exemption from keeping accounting records.
To allow VAT numbers to respect the deadline calendar, the pre-compiled VAT form will be available from February 2024 and must be submitted by 30 April and will relate to the 2023 tax period.
The experimental phase started in September 2021 with the preparation of the pre-compiled VAT registers (purchases and sales) was followed by the development of the technological infrastructure which allowed, from the operations carried out from 1 January 2022, to also have the draft of the annual VAT declaration.
How the 2024 pre-compiled VAT form works The pre-compiled VAT form has the aim of speeding up the procedure for the quarterly VAT declaration, allowing the taxpayer to declare and pay the tax more easily.
As already happens with the pre-compiled 730, the taxpayer will be able to view the document prepared by the Tax Office on the basis of the VAT data already in his possession in his reserved area of the Revenue website and will be able to intervene to confirm it or modify it by integrating the missing information.
Even in the absence of validation or integration of the registers for the entire tax year, interested parties will be able to consult the drafts compiled by the Revenue Agency, send the declaration and pay the tax due via electronic channels.
From an operational point of view, the technical rules for using the telematic functions are the same as those provided for the validation of VAT registers, as established by the provision of 8 July 2021.
Who will receive the pre-compiled VAT 2024 form? The audience of beneficiaries of the pre-compiled VAT document was expanded by the Revenue provision of 12 January 2023.
Initially, starting from 2021, the pre-compiled document concerned VAT taxable subjects: residents and established in Italy who carry out the quarterly VAT payment (with the exclusion of some categories of subjects who operate in particular sectors or with special regimes for VAT purposes, such as those who have joined the flat-rate regime).
In practice, it was addressed to all quarterly taxpayers by option.
The new document of practice of the Revenue Agency extends the experimentation of the pre-compiled VAT 2023, in addition to the original recipients of the measure: to those who carry out the quarterly VAT payment (article 74, paragraph 4, of Presidential Decree no.
633/1972) , i.e.
the so-called «special» who can liquidate and pay the tax quarterly based on the specific activity carried out and regardless of the turnover achieved; to subjects who apply a specific method for determining the VAT allowed as a deduction (for example, agricultural producers, wine and oil tourism companies or agritourisms); to those who were subjected to bankruptcy or compulsory administrative liquidation in the reference year.
However, taxpayers included in point 3.3 of the provision of 8 July 2021 are excluded from the trial: subjects who operate under a special regime for VAT purposes or who apply VAT separately; public administrations; retail traders who adopt fee ventilation, entities who participate in a VAT group or join group VAT; who pays VAT monthly.

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