Financial markets still in tension. What is going on?

The gaze of traders and investors is turned to the stock market due to the possible risks of depreciation and to the bond market due to the recent increase in yields, while the raw materials market, on Friday, recorded an anomalous revaluation of prices on the commodity market futures.
Although the push comes mainly from shocks relating to the energy segment, the fear then also spread to the precious metals stock market sector, the first to become positive in the face of new concerns.
The reasons, this time, do not concern the much-discussed conflict in the Middle East, although at first glance many stock market operators have linked the rise in futures prices to a worsening of the war in Israel.
So, what is happening? What is happening in the financial markets? Attention to raw materials Apparently, the issue shifts again to Ukraine, with the United States in the process of tightening sanctions regarding exports of Russian crude, the world's second largest oil producer.
The price of WTI and Brent recorded a gain of more than 4% in a few hours.
The OVX oil volatility index is up more than 11%, due to fears of a negative supply shock.
The impact did not influence the price of Natural Gas, which recorded a slight depreciation, thus avoiding the impact exclusively relating to the oil world.
The news of the sanctions had a positive effect on the outlook for the future inflation rate, which could lead to a further unpredictable and inconvenient winter increase, given the current high level of Fed and ECB interest rates.
There is therefore talk of a further worsening of operator sentiment which has created a particular stock market context: the price of precious metals has increased following new fears for the rest of 2023.
The price of gold and silver is growing more than oil, with an increase of more than 4% in this case too.
For some strange reason, speaking of anomalies, the value of the dollar has not recorded a decrease, as often happens given the inverse correlation it has with the raw materials sector.
The DXY is growing, recovering the losses of recent weeks, recorded following the outbreak of the war, invalidating all bearish theories on the greenback.
In the equity sector, the S&P500 recorded its second consecutive decline, after the emergence of the hypothesis of new tensions on rates, due to the change in inflation expectations.
The US index is down 1.45% compared to the October highs.
The same goes for the EU50, with a downtrend of more than 2% in just two stock market sessions.

Author: Hermes A.I.

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