War Israel Iran, what happens after the attack in Syria?

War Israel Iran, tension is high again in the Middle East after the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria.
As if the war in the Holy Land that has been going on since last October 7th and the chaos in the Black Sea where our ships are also located were not enough.
Yesterday local news agencies reported the news of an "Israeli attack" in a neighborhood of Damascus – the capital of Syria – where the Iranian embassy was hit.
The provisional toll speaks of eight deaths including Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a high Pasdaran commander; in Tehran the media immediately specified that the building hit "belongs to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and had a flag".
According to what we learn, five members of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Pasdaran) died in what resembles a war effort, while another two are believed to be advisors.
The budget, however, is provisional given that we are still digging under the rubble.
Mohammad Reza Zahedi was a leading member of the Quds Forces in Syria and Lebanon, with his death later confirmed by Israel, which however did not wish to comment further.
Iran has announced that "the response will be harsh" and there are serious fears of an escalation in the Middle East, with the war potentially spreading to Hezbollah and Houthis, Tehran's iron allies as well as Hamas.
read also Iran-Russia, the axis is strengthening and alarming the world Israel and Iran: is the war spreading? Iran has blamed Israel for the Damascus attack, claiming the Jewish state hit the building with six missiles fired from Israeli F-35 warplanes.
For the Iranian ambassador to Syria, Hossein Akbari, Israel's attack is "against all international laws", announcing that Iran's response will be decisive: "This is perhaps the first time that the Zionist regime allows itself to attack an official embassy building of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on top of which the flag of the Islamic Republic is hoisted.” From Tehran the government made it known that "Iran retains the right to adopt reciprocal measures and will decide the type of response and punishment against the aggressor", thus fearing war scenarios.
"According to our intelligence – the government replied to CNN Israeli Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari -, this is not a consulate and this is not an embassy.
I repeat, this is not a consulate and this is not an embassy.
This is a Quds Forces military building disguised as a civilian building in Damascus." In recent months it is not the first time that Iran has suffered attacks of this kind, but so far it has not moved from threats to facts given that making war on Israel would inevitably also mean involving the United States, which has long been massively deployed throughout the country.

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