NASpI and apprenticeship: is there a right? Here's when it's appropriate and when it's not

The NASpI, the name of the unemployment benefit in Italy for some years, is also available to apprentices.
It is the INPS who specifies this, clearly indicating apprentices among those who can request the NASpI (when obviously they satisfy the other requirements).
Upon expiry of the apprenticeship contract, therefore, there may be the right to NASpI, as well as in the event that the employment relationship ends earlier.
As anticipated, however, all the other requirements for those requesting unemployment benefits apply.
Let's clarify, therefore, when these also apply to apprentices who intend to request the NASpI.
Apprenticeship and NASpI: when you are entitled to unemployment To be entitled to NASpI you must be a worker with an employment relationship who has involuntarily lost your job.
"Employees" also include apprentices, who in any case must satisfy the requirement that the apprenticeship contract must be interrupted involuntarily.
What does this mean? To understand if and when NASpI is due, you need to look at when the employment relationship ends and the causes that led to the interruption.
Apprenticeship interrupted before the natural expiry If the apprentice resigns before the end of the training period, i.e.
the last day of the apprenticeship period of variable duration depending on the provisions of the contract, he will not be able to request the compensation unemployment, unless the resignation is for just cause.
If, however, it is the employer who terminates the relationship, then you will in any case be entitled to NASpI, even in the case of dismissal for just cause.
Apprenticeship interrupted at the end of the training period At the end of the training period, both the employer and the apprentice are given the opportunity to interrupt the employment relationship.
Without any communication the employment relationship turns into a permanent contract.
If the apprentice decides not to continue with the employment relationship, he would still be entitled to NASpI.
The same obviously applies in the event that the employer decides to interrupt him, who will also have to pay the so-called dismissal ticket.
Apprenticeship interrupted after transformation into a permanent employment relationship.
In the event that the apprenticeship were to transform into a permanent employment relationship, then all the rules established for this apply.
Consequently, in order to be entitled to unemployment benefits, there must be a loss of employment for reasons beyond one's control.
You are therefore entitled to it only for resignation for just cause, or in any case in all cases of dismissal, as well as in the case of consensual termination of the employment relationship within the procedure referred to in article 7, law 15 July 1966, n.
604, as amended by article 1, paragraph 40, law 28 June 2012, n.
NASpI for apprentices: other requirements There are then the usual requirements to be met to be entitled to NASpI.
First of all, it is necessary to have accrued 13 weeks of contributions in the last four years; the unemployment benefit will be paid for half of the same.
Usually, then, a work requirement is also required, i.e.
being able to boast 30 days of actual work in the last 12 months.

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