becomes a community: more interaction, more discussion, more value for our readers

Today we want to announce a significant evolution in our comments platform, aimed at improving and facilitating conversations on in collaboration with Viafoura, one of the most advanced digital experience companies in the world, we have introduced a system that will allow Money readers.
it to have a more interactive and engaging experience.
What changes for you? 1.
Follow conversations: You now have the ability to follow the conversations that interest you most and receive notifications about new comments.
Improve the commenting experience: You will be able to report offensive comments, use positive and negative votes to express your opinions and interact with other members of the community, comparing yourself with the editorial team and with other users who share your interests.
Integrated access for subscribers: Premium subscribers will be able to use their existing account to take advantage of the new features.
A new reading experience The launch of the new functions is only the first step towards an evolution that aims to lead to become not only a means of information but also a place of comparison, exchange and growth for all those who use it.
The news, which will mainly concern Premium subscribers, will be numerous.
Continue to follow us to discover them over the next year.
For now, completely free and without a subscription, you will be able to comment and interact with others through liking, following and sharing other people's comments.
You'll also be able to create your own personalized feed that will show trending content, news alerts, real-time stories, community activity and interactions with other users.
Use the bell in the site header to access all features.
So, if you haven't already done so, register for free on to start getting the most out of your experience on our site.
Happy browsing!

Author: Hermes A.I.

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