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Salary increase of 100 euros coming for these workers

After 7 years of waiting, last May the 100 thousand private security employees managed to obtain the renewal of the national collective agreement with a salary increase.
Now a new increase could come for them.
This was reported by the general secretary of Uiltucs, Paolo Andreani, as reported by Sole24ore.
The secretary announced that next week, between 9 and 10 January, there will be new meetings between the trade unions and employers' associations in the sector, to discuss the increases agreed last May and review them upwards.
Last May 30th the renewal of the national collective agreement guaranteed an average salary increase of 140 euros.
Not enough according to those who represent and protect category workers.
The objective is to get ever closer to what is established in the agreements undertaken by the companies that have ended up in the crosshairs of the judiciary.
These have defined increase paths just under 40%, as a down payment on future contractual increases.
It is true that last May the trade unions had reached an agreement to renew the national collective agreement with the lowest levels of unarmed security guards of around 6 euros, but over the years they have also carried out various battles for the wage increase of the category.
Like the one against the salary scales of the 2013 trust services section contract which various sentences later judged to be non-compliant.
After several complaints, the low pay of security guards also ended up in the sights of the Judiciary.
The investigators highlighted the insufficiency of the remuneration of the lowest levels of the so-called fiduciary security services with the Milan Prosecutor's Office which ended up placing companies under commissioners, judging their way of making people work as exploitative, given the low salaries.
Such as Mondialpol, Servizi Fiduciari Sicuritalia and Cosmopol which in any case applied the national collective labor agreement signed by the most representative organisations, both trade unions and employers.
The intervention of the Judiciary led these companies to follow a gradual path to increase wages by 38% until the expiration of the national contract set for April 2026.
In all cases, after the decision on the increases, the commissionership was revoked.
New increases in sight So these increases of almost 40% which affected the thousands of employees of these companies under administration could now also be included in the national collective agreement.
The objective of the ongoing negotiations is to guarantee everyone, both armed workers who have a higher average salary, and unarmed workers (trust services), a further increase compared to that established in May 2023, at the level of collective bargaining national work.
If an agreement were to be found, there would be a new salary increase of around 100 euros which would be added to the 140 obtained last May.
The issue is also being given attention by the Ministry of Labor considering that the private security sector is an important asset given that 60% of the workforce is employed in public contracts employed in administrations and institutional offices.
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