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US elections 2024, Biden withdraws and Michelle Obama is the candidate: the plan to beat Trump

US elections 2024, the challenge will be between Michelle Obama and Donald Trump.
This is the sensational "bomb" dropped by the New York Post just as the primaries for the choice of Democratic and Republican presidential candidates got underway in the United States.
According to what was reported by the New York newspaper, Joe Biden will announce his withdrawal from the Democratic primaries by May, with the party at that point going all in on Michelle Obama.
Moreover, since she was no longer stationed at the White House, the former first lady has always remained very active in the field of politics, with her entry into the field having been hypothesized several times in recent years.
But why would Michelle Obama be ready to run to become the first female president of the United States in the 2024 US elections? The answer could be simple: the Democrats have long understood that Joe Biden is destined to lose in the November head-to-head against Donald Trump.
If until a few weeks ago there were rumors that the Democrats were ready to play the Gavin Newsom card, the current governor of California, now the most popular name as Trump's challenger in the presidential elections is that of Mrs.
read also US elections 2024, the guide: date, candidates, polls and electoral law Is Michelle Obama a candidate in the US elections 2024? The New York Post has told various background stories regarding Michelle Obama's possible candidacy in the 2024 US elections, which would be made official after the step back of Joe Biden who is currently running in the Democratic primaries with all the odds.
The deus ex machina of this operation would be none other than Barack Obama, with his wife already having explored the possible financiers of his electoral campaign in view of his possible candidacy in the presidential elections.
According to polls, the disapproval rate for Joe Biden in the United States is currently at 56.3%, a negative record for an incumbent president.
The investigations ahead of the November elections are not going any better for the occupant of the White House.
Donald Trump would have a clear advantage in most of the states considered to be in the balance, i.e.
those that were decisive for Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 elections.
In order not to hand the country over to the tycoon again, the Democrats need a shake-up.
The scenario evoked by the New York Post would thus avoid a bloody challenge in the primaries between Joe Biden and Michelle Obama, while at the same time allowing the Democrats to increase their chances of victory in the 2024 US elections.

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