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“€600 Monthly Baby Bonus for Residents (or Newcomers) in These Italian Municipalities”

Attracting Families with Baby Bonus in Sardinia

The baby bonus, an allowance of up to 160 euros per month, is no longer recognized with the introduction of the Single Allowance; however, some regions still offer family support measures.

An example of this is the 5,000 euro bonus granted by the Municipality of Trento for the birth of the third child, as well as the contribution that the Sardinia Region provides for children born in 2024.
Let’s focus on this particular bonus, as the Region recently authorized a total sum of 2,883,560.34 euros to be disbursed to support more families, expanding the list of eligible municipalities.

The Sardinia Region’s baby bonus is a substantial contribution aimed at attracting families to prevent depopulation in the small communities of the island, which has become increasingly significant in recent years.

Sardinia currently has the lowest birth rate in Italy, with 4.9 births per 1,000 inhabitants compared to the national average of 6.7.
For the third consecutive year, the fertility rate is below one (0.95).

To address this issue, the Region has identified the need for birth incentives, targeting both current residents and those considering moving to Sardinia.
However, the measure only applies to municipalities with few inhabitants vulnerable to the depopulation phenomenon.

Initially, the Sardinia Region’s baby bonus was only available to municipalities with fewer than 3,000 inhabitants.
However, with Regional Law dated February 5, 2024, no.
1, eligibility was extended to residents of municipalities with a population between 3,000 and 5,000, who will receive additional funding.

Unlike other national support measures, the Sardinia baby bonus is granted regardless of the family’s income status, making the Isee certification unnecessary.
Families are entitled to the bonus for each child born, adopted, or in pre-adoptive foster care in 2024, residing in a municipality with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants or relocating there.

It is essential to note that applicants must own or have access to the property where they reside through a lease, loan for use, or similar agreement.
The family must also reside in the property throughout the bonus period; otherwise, the entitlement to the subsidy will cease.

The bonus amount is significantly higher than the national baby bonus and even the Single Allowance.
The Sardinia Region’s baby bonus for residents of small municipalities offers a monthly contribution of 600 euros for the first child and 400 euros for each subsequent child.

The bonus is provided for up to 5 years, totaling 60 installments and amounting to 36,000 euros for the first child and 24,000 euros for subsequent children.

As outlined in Regional Council Resolution 19/80 approved on June 1, the interested Municipality is responsible for publishing a notice with all the details on deadlines and procedures for submitting applications, which must be made directly to the local authority.

The bonus starts from the child’s date of birth or from the date of relocation to the Municipality for those changing their residence.

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