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How much does Luciana Littizzetto earn? Stellar assets and cachet

How much does Luciana Littizzetto earn? After her farewell to Rai, the career of the Turin comedian and television presenter does not stop.
In 2023 Luciana Littizzetto continues to support Fabio Fazio in hosting the well-known program Che tempo che fa, excluded from Rai and now broadcast on NOVE (private television channel published by Discovery).
He also arrives on Mediaset with Tú sí que vales as a judge.
Two new adventures for Luciana Littizzetto that are very profitable and guarantee her a very high salary.
Although there are no certain estimates regarding her assets and her earnings, the sale of her books, her appearance in advertisements and her real estate investments represent considerable sources of income for Littizzetto.
Let's now see what Luciana Littizzetto's sources of income are, how much she receives from Discovery and Mediaset and how much her vast real estate assets make her.
How much Luciana Littizzetto earns The fees received by Littizzetto and Fabio Fazio from Discovery for hosting the program Che tempo che fa have not yet been disclosed to the public, but according to some rumors the Turin comedian's fee for participating in the program will remain the same, or perhaps slightly higher than that previously received by Rai, i.e.
20 thousand euros per episode for a total of 800 thousand euros.
As regards participation in Tú sí que vales, it must be specified that the fees of Mediaset television personalities are never disclosed to the public as it is a private commercial television.
It is estimated that Littizzetto receives a total fee of 800 thousand euros for participating as a judge in the program.
These are very high but understandable figures for a character like Luciana Littizzetto, much loved by a large part of the Italian public for her irony, her way of satire and her undoubted intelligence.
read also How much does Fabio Fazio earn: salary and assets How much does Luciana Littizzetto earn with books and advertising Luciana Littizzetto is also a prolific and appreciated writer.
From 1999 to 2021 he wrote 17 books, the latest of which, “I trust you.
Story of my children born from the heart" entered the ranking of the 10 best-selling books in Italy in 2021, ensuring the writer considerable earnings for which, however, no official data is available.
There is also a lack of official evidence on Littizzetto's earnings for her testimonial activity in the Swiffer commercial, an advertisement aired both on television and online on digital platforms starting from 2020.
Luciana Littizzetto's real estate assets and investments According to some unofficial sources, Littizzetto owns 22 properties including houses, garages and warehouses.
Ten of his apartments, three garages and some warehouses are located in Turin.
In Bosconero he owns four apartments and three garages and in Milan a luxury 90 square meter apartment.
In addition to the properties, Luciana Littizzetto owns 4,600 square meters of land in the surroundings of Bosconero.
These properties guarantee her a cadastral income which the Revenue Agency sets at 13,121.26 euros which, as Il Giornale reports, "revalued by 5 percent and multiplied by the coefficient of 120, gives a value of approximately 1,650,000 euros which would represent the tax base to be used in sales".
Incomes that allowed her to enter the ranking of the top 500 taxpayers in Italy.
Luciana Littizzetto's career Before becoming the very funny comedian, presenter and writer that we know today, Luciana Littizzetto taught music in the "Carlo Levi" middle school for nine years.
In fact, he had obtained a diploma in piano from the G.
Verdi Conservatory and in 1990 a degree in Literature.
Between 1888 and 1990 he studied theater in Turin and began to conceive his first cabaret shows in this period.
His debut on television dates back to 1991 in the program Avanzi.
In 1993 he hosted Hit Parade on the radio and from that moment on his appearances on Rai became increasingly frequent.
His film debut dates back to 1997, in the films "Tutti Down to Earth" and "Three Men and a Leg".
In 2000 his first book “Ti amo bastardo” was published.
Over the years he has participated in numerous television programs and TV series and since 2005 he has become a regular member of the cast of Che tempo che fa.
In 2013 and 2014 he co-hosts, together with Fazio, Sanremo.
These and many other experiences have led Luciana Littizzetto to be one of the most appreciated and above all highest paid presenters in Italy today.
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