City Plans to Introduce €100 Bonus for Cycling Commuters

Firenze Launches Bike Incentive Program

Summer is the perfect time to hop on a bike, and the 100 euro bonus is an extra push to leave your car in the garage.
The city of Florence is among the first to implement incentives for cycling.
The project, named “Pedal, Florence rewards you,” offers a monthly contribution and various bonuses for citizens who choose to move around using a dedicated application.

The 100 euro bonus will soon be available, and to access it, citizens will need to fill out a form to receive a specific kit.
This operation can be done starting from mid-May.
The biking initiative will kick off on World Bicycle Day and will run for a full year.

The initiative is generously supported by a funding of over a million euros, a clear sign of a project that is deeply rooted in the larger “Florence for the Climate” plan.

What is the Bicycle Bonus?

The “Pedal, Florence rewards you” project includes a kit consisting of a Bluetooth device that certifies the use of the bicycle and an app.
These systems will allow the certification of actual bike usage.

For those who choose the bicycle over a car or another gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle, a prize is in store.
Users will be entitled to incentives transferred via bank transfer and credited to their bank account.

What are the Expected Reimbursements?

There are two types of incentives for using the bicycle.
Those who abandon a polluting vehicle for their travels can receive 20 cents per kilometer on the selected route, plus 5 cents per kilometer on general paths within the municipality of Florence.

For the “selected route,” it refers to the home-work or home-school journey and vice versa.
On the other hand, those who already owned a bicycle and thus already used a clean mode of transportation will receive 15 cents per kilometer for commuting and school trips, with an additional 5 cents per kilometer on generic routes.

Users can earn a maximum of 1.20 euros per day, up to 30 euros per month.
Furthermore, several rewards will be available each month, a bonus ranging from 100 euros to 200 euros for those who have accumulated the most points in the application.
Virtuous actions will determine the winner, such as who has cycled the most kilometers, participated in events, answered questionnaires, and more.

Each app user can receive a maximum of 200 euros per month in additional prizes.

How and When to Apply for the Kit?

To participate in the initiative, applications can be submitted starting from May 13th, with the project set to begin on June 3rd, coinciding with World Bicycle Day.
The project is expected to run until June 2, 2025.

Users who wish to take part must reserve the kit online from May 13th.
To do this, they will need to download the Pin Bike app and fill out the participation form.
From May 20th, it will be possible to pick up the kit at the neighborhood URP offices.

After installing the kit, users can start cycling.
The mileage counting will commence on June 3rd.
Incentives, on the other hand, will be provided via bank transfer and credited to the bank account at the end of the first month.

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