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Who is Rose Villain and how much does the singer earning competing in Sanremo 2024

Rose Villain, a 34-year-old singer from Milan, made her debut at the Sanremo Festival last year, duetting with Rosa Chemical on the cover of America, the famous song by Gianna Nannini.
This year she returns to the Ariston stage but as a competitor, competing with the song "Click Boom!", which she will sing this evening, produced by her husband Sixpm.
The song, in reality, had been presented to Amici, but in an episode recorded before the artists competing at the Ariston were announced.
A new success for the singer, who began to immerse herself in the world of music at a very young age.
At 18 he began his studies at the Los Angeles conservatory, and then completed them in New York where he soon began performing with local bands and approaching Sony Music.
Since then, she has collaborated with well-known Italian artists, increasing her popularity in Italy, always accompanied by her husband and producer.
Here's who Rose Villain is and how much she earns.
Who is Rose Villain, biography, studies and career Rosa Luini, aka Rose Villain was born on 20 July 1989 in Milan, where she grew up together with her family: her younger brother Alessandro and her entrepreneur father Franco (founder of the Tucano brand), since his mother, Fernanda Melloni, passed away prematurely.
The passion for singing accompanies the artist from an early age, so much so that he dedicated himself to lessons throughout his adolescence.
After graduating from classical high school, he decided to continue his musical path in Los Angeles to study at the Musicians Institute conservatory in Hollywood.
He graduated specializing in rock music and immediately founded his first band, The Villains, to which he paid tribute with his stage name.
She later moved to New York to study theater and music on Broadway and it was in this period that she began to write her songs in English, a language that allowed her to be more appreciated and understood by the general public and which accompanies her very often (even if he will sing in Italian for the song at Sanremo 2024).
It was in the United States that she met her current husband Andrea Ferrara, aka Sixpm (who some will remember as 2ndRoof), with whom they formed a solid couple both in their private and professional and artistic lives.
The States have particularly marked Rose Villain's life (so much so that she lives dividing her life between New York and California), not only for her education and love but also for her career.
Here he signed his first contracts with Machete Empire, released the single "Get the fuck out of my pool" and then "Geisha", with which he climbed the charts and won the title of artist of the month on MTV New Generation.
From then on, he puts his unique musical and sound style into collaborations, with artists such as Salmo, Tedua, Geolier, Carl Brave and Elisa, and into singles.
Among the latter, "Elvis", "Michelle Pfeiffer" and "Rari" which open the first official album, "Radio Gotham" in 2023.
She holds various records, including being the first Italian artist to sign with Republic Records.
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Rain, Sanremo 2024: biography, private life and lyrics of “Due swings” How much does he earn? Rose Villain is a highly regarded singer nationally and internationally, which further complicates a possible estimate of her earnings.
Furthermore, she is a multifaceted artist who, in addition to her collaborations and projects as a soloist, also has work on television and numerous guest appearances under her belt.
However, let us mention his most important successes.
In 2023 he won the gold record award for the album Radio Gotham at the Tim music awards, meaning at least 25,000 copies sold.
In the same year she was co-host of GialappaShow on Tv8 and since 2022 she has carried out 3 tours with her music.
It is difficult to talk about actual figures, but it is known that the couple celebrated their wedding in 2022 in New York, celebrating with 120 guests in a party divided over three days, combining a personal and extravagant taste with quality and excellence, from the food to the clothing of the spouses.
As for Sanremo 2024, the artistic project of each song is entitled to compensation for expenses equal to 53,000 euros.
The artist, more than anything else, will gain much more in terms of popularity, given that the recognition in Italy arrived a little late.
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