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Romano La Russa, who is Ignazio's brother and what does he do in controversy with Fedez

Romano La Russa, brother of Ignazio La Russa and councilor for security and civil protection of the Lombardy Region, was recently involved in a controversy with Fedez.
It all started with the event to promote blood donations, in which both participated thinking they had more rights than the other and neither of them failed to point it out.
Fedez accused La Russa of not having taken part in the organization and of having attended the event to "certify his merits and spread propaganda", despite the fact that the councilor was invited by Avis, with which the Lombardy Region has been organizing various initiatives for some time.
La Russa, on the other hand, replied that she didn't even know Fedez, who instead organized the event with his foundation and who brought about an increase in donations among young people with social appeals.
In the end, what matters is that in this fight for merit no space has been taken away from the promotion of the initiative, with the aim of increasing the number of donations.
Despite this, controversy still remains, as does curiosity.
Who is Romano La Russa and what does he do? Here's everything we know.
read also How much does Fedez earn: assets, fee and takings Who is Romano La Russa, biography Romano Maria La Russa was born on 11 January 1952 in Paternò in the province of Catania, but grew up in Milan where his family moved in 1960 In Milan he attended school and graduated from the Carducci classical high school.
Since the 1980s Romano has also been active as an entrepreneur, in particular dealing with the wholesale of sanitary ware for a company based in Pero.
Already at a very young age he began his political militancy, following in the footsteps of his older brothers and his father, Antonino La Russa, who in addition to being a lawyer and business manager was an MSI politician.
Romano also joins the MSI, for which he was a municipal councilor twice, then moving to Alleanza Nazionale in 1995, to Il Popolo della Libertà (the result of the merger between Forza Italia and Alleanza Nazionale) in 2009 and, finally, to Fratelli d' Italy in 2013.
read also How much does Ignazio La Russa earn? Salary and biography of the president of the Senate What Romano La Russa does After a long period as an entrepreneur, Romano La Russa begins to deal mainly with politics and administration, even if – as we have seen in his biography – this commitment has accompanied him over the years since very young.
Over the years he has therefore held many important positions, including with regards to international relations.
Let's summarize the highlights of his career.
1985-1990: municipal councilor in Cinisello Balsamo for MSI; 1990-1195: municipal councilor in Sesto San Giovanni for MSI; 1995-2005: councilor and group leader at the Lombardy Region, as well as member of the National Management for Alleanza Nazionale; 2004-2008: MEP in the fourth legislature; 2008-2010: regional councilor in Lombardy for Il Popolo della Libertà; 2010-2012: regional councilor for security and civil protection of the Lombardy Region for PDL; 2022-ongoing: Lombardy security councilor with responsibility for civil protection (from 2023).
Romano La Russa then held numerous important roles within the European Parliament, in fact he was: Vice President of the Delegation for relations with Iran; member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs; member of the Commission for Economic and Monetary Affairs; member of the Delegation for relations with the Gulf States, including Yemen.Romano La Russa, controversies and controversies It is certainly not new for Romano La Russa to find himself at the center of controversies, indeed over the course of these years several of his actions and statements have left several doubts.
For example, in September 2011, as a guest on the radio show La Zanzara on Radio 24, he declared that he admired fascism.
Exactly two years later, in September 2022, he was caught giving the Roman salute during his brother-in-law's funeral.
After initially denying the gesture, the councilor later apologised.
In March 2012, a guest on the same radio show, he declared that homosexuality is a disease that can be cured, defining the LGBT+ community as a sect.
He had never addressed the topic before and never brought it up again, while the references to fascism are decidedly more constant.
In his past, there was also an investigation for illicit financing, for which he was however acquitted.
The most recent controversy is instead the one that sees him involved together with Fedez, who accused the councilor of not having been interested in the topic, but of attending to take credit for it.
La Russa instead explained her reasons, not failing to reply to Fedez by calling him a "little man".
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