Israel-Hezbollah, the longest day: a world war could break out today

When talking about the Third World War, various potential "fuses" capable of triggering a conflict of such proportions are often cited.
Since Hamas attacked Israel, the land invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli troops has been described as a possible new weapon for Sarajevo.
The hope is that it is a page of history that will never be written but today, unfortunately, could become the date of the outbreak of the third world war: November 3, 2023, a day that is sadly a candidate to become a piece of history.
While Israel has announced that it has surrounded Gaza City and is ready to launch the decisive attack on the Hamas stronghold, all eyes are also on what will happen a little further north in Lebanon.
But what will happen in Lebanon today and why would there be a real risk of the outbreak of a world war? Hassan Nasrallah, the undisputed leader of Hezbollah who has not ceased to "peg" Israel militarily since last October 7th, will speak shortly.
If Hezbollah were to announce an all-out war against its longtime enemy, then the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas could spread not only to Lebanon, but also to the rest of the Middle East and the entire world.
read also Why Hezbollah is so scary: how strong the army is and possible war with Israel Why the third world war could break out today Hassan Nasrallah finds himself faced with the most classic of crossroads: continue to worry Israel with a few rockets or deploy all of Hezbollah's military strength and open another front in this war.
If Nasrallah were to opt for the second option, then the risk of a world war would become very high given that the United States, after having amassed a record number of ships and planes in the eastern Mediterranean, has for days been ready to help Israel in any way.
Hezbollah would have around 100,000 missiles at its disposal with a much greater range and precision than those supplied to Hamas: this is why their involvement is so feared in the West, given that Israel would be short of the missiles needed to make the famous one work as best as possible.
Iron Dome anti-missile shield.
In the background there are always the Houthi rebels of Yemen, the militias operating in Syria and above all Iran, an authentic guest of stone in this conflict which is closely marked by the United States.
Behind Tehran, however, are China and Russia, the latter engaged in a war against Ukraine which has kept NATO on maximum alert for over 600 days.
If, however, Hassan Nasrallah decides to maintain a non-drastic position, then the leader of the Party of God will most likely avoid a potentially devastating war for Lebanon also considering the serious economic crisis that has been gripping Beirut for some time.
Above all, Hezbollah would prevent the specter of a third world war from materializing above the skies of the Holy Land: consequently, all that remains is to wait for Nasrallah's speech to understand if today will truly become a date that will dramatically enter the history books .
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