How to see people's activity on Instagram in 2024

Is it still possible to see other people's activities on Instagram? With the elimination of the "Already Follow" section, monitoring the activity of the profiles you follow has become more difficult.
However, with the use of some alternative methods, it is not impossible.
In the past, by accessing the "Already Follow" section it was possible to view the likes, interactions and new followers of a followed profile.
All this allowed you to monitor the activities of friends or boyfriends.
While on the one hand this update represented positive news for user privacy, on the other hand there are many users who would like to continue spying on the people they follow on Instagram.
Fortunately, there are alternative apps and methods, more or less effective, to monitor users' activity on Instagram, viewing their Likes and finding out who they start following.
Here's how to continue seeing the activity of followers on Instagram Apps for seeing the activities of others on Instagram Since Instagram removed the specific option to see what followed people are doing, many have chosen to rely on spy apps or extensions for browsers.
There are apps to secretly view stories, apps to monitor chats and apps to find out who stops following you on Instagram.
Obviously there are also apps that promise to see the Instagram activity of the people you follow, but they are not reliable methods and we recommend staying away from them.
The problem with Instagram spy apps is that most of them are paid or are not as effective as stated.
Rather than real solutions, they are often just a way to convey viruses and malware and, therefore, can represent a danger for personal data and for the device on which they are downloaded.
read also Spying on Whatsapp and Instagram with spy apps is not a good idea Instagram: how to see someone's activity To see the activities of a followed Instagram profile, so as to always stay updated on the movements and actions that one or more accounts perform on social media, here are some secondary methods.
Seeing Latest Posts To see someone's most recent posts, go to the “Home” button and scroll through your news feed to see if they've posted anything.
The most popular contents and those that may interest you (according to the Instagram algorithm criteria) also appear in the Home.
Click on the magnifying glass icon to find out if the news feed contains likes and comments from the people you follow.
Alternatively, all you have to do is visit their profile.
Here, by pressing on the little man icon or by swiping from right to left, you will also be able to see the photos in which the person is tagged and view any likes and comments under the posts.
Also from his profile, under "Followed", you will be able to see who he has recently started following and decide, if necessary, to follow him too to immediately see any likes and comments under the posts.
Turn on notifications for that user Turning on notifications for a particular profile is simple, and lets you know when a person posts a story or photo, or when they comment on a post.
Simply go to the profile of the person you want to monitor, click on the Already Follow tab and then on Notifications.
Here you can choose whether to activate notifications for posts or for Stories, or both, so as to be notified every time the user does something on Instagram.
Geolocation Spying on someone on Instagram via geolocation can be an effective and useful solution even in the case of private profiles.
If you know that the person you want to follow always tags themselves in the city where they live or you know that they are on vacation somewhere, you can search for photos by location.
To do this, go to the "Explore" section, pressing the magnifying glass icon, pressing "Search" and then "Places" and enter the name of the city where the person you are interested in is located.
See posts with hashtags Another trick that can be useful for checking people's activity on Instagram is to search for posts by hashtags.
Not everyone knows it, but now on Instagram it is also possible to follow hashtags.
If you know that a particular person uses specific hashtags or likes posts tagged with that hashtag, you could use this tool to your advantage.
To follow a hashtag go to the page and press Follow.
See when they're online A recent Instagram update made it possible to see someone's activity on Instagram, or more specifically when they're online on the app.
To track other people's activities on Instagram and see when they're online, you need to have interacted in chat on Direct.
Here you will see a complete list of all the people you have spoken to on Instagram privately.
This feature doesn't let you see their Instagram activity in detail, i.e.
what they did when they were online, but it tells you when they last logged in and if they are active right now.
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