Is November 2, 2023 a holiday or weekday?

We return to work on Thursday 2 November, the national holiday calendar doesn't lie.
It is true that November 1st is known as the feast of All Saints, while after November 2nd the Day of the Dead is celebrated, but only the first is a holiday, that is, you don't go to school or work.
In 2023, November 2nd falls on a weekday, i.e.
on a Thursday.
After the long weekend which involved the weekend and November 1st, in some regions children and teenagers will also stay at home on Tuesday and November 2nd.
In fact, the schools closed in: Marche, Molise, Emilia Romagna, Basilicata, Sardinia are closed.
For everyone else it's time to go back to school.
So is November 2nd a public holiday or a weekday? November 2nd is a public holiday, but we go back to school and work.
November 1st, the day after Halloween, is also called All Saints' Day (All Saints' Day) and is a national holiday.
All schools of all levels will remain closed, as will the universities.
There are many work sectors that remain closed, following the holiday calendar, for All Saints' Day, while many others open to serve an extra number of customers who have remained at home, such as the catering sector.
However, it is a different matter for November 2nd, the celebration or day dedicated to the Dead.
The commemoration of all the faithful deceased is an anniversary of the Latin Church and is not included in the calendar of national holidays.
Work activities reopen almost completely open because it is a weekday and not a holiday.
For schools, however, the decision is different by Region.
In fact, in some cases schools will remain closed.
These are schools of all levels in the Regions: Marche Molise Emilia Romagna Basilicata Sardinia Why is November 2 celebrated? November 2nd is the day of commemoration of the deceased.
It is not a national holiday, but a religious occasion in which the deceased are remembered by going to the cemetery to say goodbye to loved ones.
In Italy it is not as felt as in other countries, for example "Día de muertos" in Mexico.
But why is it celebrated on November 2nd? The origin of this festival dates back to a Byzantine rite.
The Church celebrated this commemoration for the first time in 998 by will of Saint Odilo of Cluny.
After 998 the rite spread to the rest of the Catholic Church, but only in the 14th century did it take the name we know today.
To remember the dead, every year, Italians commemorate the deceased by going to cemeteries and burial places.
In some schools, if they are not closed for the whole day, they are given an hour or two to go to the cemetery.
In many regions, the Day of the Dead is also celebrated by cooking and consuming traditional foods.
November 2: Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos Many believe that Día de los Muertos is the Latin counterpart of Halloween, but this is not the case.
In fact Día de los Muertos is the day dedicated to the deceased and corresponds to November 2nd.
Unlike Halloween, Día de los Muertos celebrates the Day of the Dead with joy, color, music and food.
In fact, on this day the deceased find themselves in the world of the living to meet and spend time together with their families.
A curiosity: Día de los Muertos is not of Mexican origin, in fact it is a holiday brought by the Spanish and which easily took root in South America due to its proximity to the Aztec tradition, already present in the territory upon the arrival of the conquerors.

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