US attacks Syria, missile in Egypt: has the third world war begun?

Has World War III begun? This is a question that we have all been repeating to ourselves since, more than 600 days ago, Russia decided to invade Ukraine and which is now returning in an increasingly insistent manner given the chaos in Israel and in the entire Middle East.
By World War III we mean "a military conflict involving a large number of nations on Earth, belonging to two or more different continents".
The current situation – sadly and dramatically – does not differ much from this definition.
It is no coincidence that Pope Francis recently spoke of a "third world war in pieces", with the situation appearing to be on the verge of irremediably collapsing at any moment.
After all, so far every diplomatic attempt has failed spectacularly: mediation between Ukraine and Russia was attempted only at the beginning, then everything foundered due to the opposition from the United States and the United Kingdom, while in Israel everyone seems to be blowing a fire that is already burning dangerously.
However, the European Union did not arrive, with Italy – once a sovereignist – limiting itself to a few circumstantial words, fully aligning itself with Washington's line.
In this scenario, the latest news coming from Israel and the Middle East would not seem to bode well, with a military escalation now appearing to be ever closer.
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In the last few hours, however, Israel has penetrated the Gaza Strip with its army several times, engaging in battles with Hamas positions even if there is still no talk of a real invasion.
In the North, however, clashes also continue with Hezeboolah, with the Lebanese fighters who would be on the verge of going to war, together with its missile arsenal which is much more dangerous than that of Hamas, if the situation were to worsen in Gaza.
Meanwhile, during the night, a missile hit a medical facility in Taba, an Egyptian town on the border with Israel, causing six injuries.
Since the beginning of this war, Egypt has been one of the main mediators for geographical and historical reasons.
During the night, however, Joe Biden gave the order to American jets to strike some military groups present in Syria.
The operation was the United States' response to the launch of missiles towards American bases in Iraq in recent days.
“These precision self-defense attacks – US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin specified in a note – are a response to a series of ongoing and mostly unsuccessful attacks against American personnel in Iraq and Syria by militia groups supported by Iran, which began on October 17.” Previously, again in Syria, Israel targeted military infrastructures and mortar launchers belonging to the Syrian army, hitting not militiamen but structures in Damascus.
This action was also a response to the missiles launched from Syrian territory towards the Jewish state.
In short, without forgetting the complex ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, a third world war would seem to be dramatically on the horizon: there would still be room for diplomacy before the situation becomes irrecoverable, but more than time it would seem to be the will to act defect.
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