This student earns 124 thousand euros a year with an activity that anyone can do

There are several ways to earn online even by investing little time and money and today we want to tell you how Sophie Riegel managed to earn almost 200,000 dollars in the last 4 years simply by reselling used clothes on the main online platforms.
Sophie, 23, said she has always been a saver and not a fan of expensive clothing.
Her closet is full of items that cost a few dozen dollars.
In 2020, driven by the curiosity of earning extra income, she decided to go through her closet and put some of her used items that she no longer used for sale.
From that sale she earned $200 and hasn't stopped since.
He understood that this business could become quite profitable but to do so he needed to obtain used clothing at a low price.
So he started wandering around the various used clothing stores looking for 5-10 dollar items to then resell on online stores for 50-100 dollars.
A profitable move read also How to earn 26 million a year starting from scratch A smart but very profitable move so much so that after 4 years his net profit from this activity amounts to 192,000 dollars with a cost of only 50,000 for second hand clothes which he then resold.
The shipping and transport costs to go from one store to another must then be deducted from the profits.
And then there are the deductions that online stores take at the time of sale, we are talking about around 10-20% of the sum.
Sophie is a student aiming to become a professional writer and expects her side hustle to make up about 50% of her income this year.
Having started with around 200 items in her room, she now has 1,300 in a warehouse.
Sophie also listed some advice for those who intend to follow in her footsteps and turn a passion into a profitable job.
The first piece of advice she felt like giving was to have fun because without fun and passion in what you do you won't get anywhere.
It is also important to know the market, understand which items are suitable and which are not and above all guess the correct price.
Sophie admitted that she had followed numerous videos on YouTube of people who did the same job as her and who gave advice on how to best create an advert.
«I spent hours and hours learning the brands, learning how to use all the platforms.
I learned the strategies of each of the stores I go to and I understood when the new shoes come out when they do X, Y and Z,” he said.
Consistency with selling at least 10-20 items a day is also important.
And then avoid doing everything yourself.
«The most important thing is: you must be willing to ask for help when you need it.
You don't have to do all this alone.
When I first started, my dad helped me with all the shipping.
He helped me move everything from different containers.
I didn't have to do it alone because I asked for help,” Sophie said.
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