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Are you in favor of the premiership, the direct election of the Prime Minister? Take the survey

Are you in favor of the premiership, the direct election of the Prime Minister? This is the survey that wants to propose to its readers after the Council of Ministers unanimously approved the bill on constitutional reforms, defined as "the mother of all reforms" by the prime minister.
Are you in favor of the premiership, the direct election of the Prime Minister? Have your say! TO ANSWER THE SURVEY YOU MUST CLICK ON THE BOX ABOVE “It is a constitutional reform – Giorgia Meloni specified during the press conference – which introduces the direct election of the Prime Minister and guarantees two objectives which we have committed ourselves to achieving from the beginning: the citizens' right to decide who to govern themselves by, putting an end to reversals, palace games and governments that are technical or passed over the heads of citizens".
In detail, the reform provides for the direct election of the Prime Minister for a 5-year mandate, a majority bonus of 55%, the anti-reversal rule with only one parliamentarian from the majority who can replace the prime minister and the abolition of senators Lifetime.
For Elly Schlein it is "a botched and dangerous reform because it weakens Parliament again", while the M5s spoke of "a choice that will not favor governability but will accentuate the imbalances in the system".
Carlo Calenda is also critical while among the opposition ranks the only opening is that of Matteo Renzi "ready to vote for the premiership if improved".
The purpose of this survey, which we remind you does not have a scientific value but only indicative as it is not carried out on a sample basis, is to understand whether readers are in favor or against the direct election of the Prime Minister.
read also Italian-style Premiership in the Meloni reform, what it means and how the form of government would change Direct election of the Prime Minister: the survey During the electoral campaign, Giorgia Meloni focused heavily on presidentialism or the direct election of the President of the Republic.
This is a reform that would actually revolutionize the Italian political system.
Given the difficulties, the Prime Minister immediately fell back on the direct election of the Prime Minister, with the text of the reform which will now begin its parliamentary process after being approved by the Council of Ministers.
If the centre-right majority is unable to approve the premiership with a two-thirds majority in both the Chamber and the Senate, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that the opposition will resort to the instrument of the constitutional referendum as already happened in 2016.
Despite the large numbers and the possible convergence of Italia Viva, a two-thirds majority is not within reach for the centre-right, without considering the fundamental issue of the new electoral law which will have to accompany the reform of the prime ministership.
In addition to the budget law, in Giorgia Meloni's thoughts there is also the direct election of the Prime Minister with the text that could be sent to Parliament in conjunction with the Autonomy reform, a theme that is very dear to the League.

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